Hello dear Tecnogalaxy readers, today I will talk about augmented reality and where it will take us in the future.

In the future, you will see that companies will try to brand this technology with some nicknames they have created. For example, Microsoft’s Azure, Magic Leap’s “Magicverse”, etc. This will allow companies to commercialize various unique features and approaches.

But, in general, they are the same, cloud data will be connected to mobile devices , which will allow AR devices to become the gateways for our avatars in this new augmented reality landscape with interactive virtual information.

Will augmented reality be the evolution of technology? 1

“If an open source cloud AR platform emerges , it could be great for developers. You could take your service, for example, put a button on the street, which you click to call a taxi. Like a virtual taxi rank. Or look at a concert poster and see a ‘Buy Tickets’ button right on it ”.

Think about how much advertising is scattered in our urban environments. Now imagine it disappears and becomes digital and hyper-personalized , and different for each person, as it already happens on the internet now. Not that I’m in love with this idea.

Each of these companies will have a distinct value proposition. Some will be completely free and will respond to the ethical ones promoted by the creators of the internet, open and free is the best thing. Others will be freemium, providing limited access with value added purchases and / or in exchange for your personal data which they will use to serve you ads. Others will be fully subscribed , allowing access only to those who pay the monthly subscription for the service.

Consider how our consumption of digital content works today. Some people consume free music and TV shows every day through pirated files, illegal streams . Some consume digital content through legal, publicly funded radio and television channels . Others pay for the privilege of accessing highly curated and secure services like Spotify, Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, and others. AR clouds will become this.

So how will we choose?

If you care about security and your data , it will probably be worth paying for a service that offers some level of protection.

In a survey of 200 startup founders and executives in March , Perkins Coie found that 61% are concerned about data security and consumer privacy when developing immersive computing technologies, and they are absolutely right.

For some it may be difficult to get an idea of ​​something that is not yet ubiquitous. Consider a world where nearly all of your interactions involve looking through a wearable, camera-based device that monitors your location and purchases throughout the day, just like your current smartphone. However, the significant difference with AR sunglasses is that the device will give service providers and vendors an even more profitable source of consumer data.

For example, instead of just tracking your purchases, location and websites you visit, AR smartglass mobile will be able to track what you are looking at in the real world through the convenience of eye tracking. Marketers often use the metaphor of “capturing the eyeballs”, but mobile AR smartglasses that include eye-tracking technology will be the first opportunity to “literally capture the eyeballs” and extract the data related to what really is. captures the consumer’s attention.

If this seems far-fetched consider that a recent Bloomberg investigation revealed that recordings of Amazon Echo devices are being listened to by humans, with the explanation that they are helping train the voice-controlled Alexa software service . But whatever the intent of listening, the fact is that that voice-controlled device in your home, which you trust to just meet your needs, is also access to some of your most private conversations, and others. people are listening to them.

How will augmented reality be applied in the future?

An example of the near future is the next video, it looks a bit like science fiction, but every invention was before it actually happened.

My perception that the evolution of the AR Cloud will create a new virtual universe and job opportunities and more.

Instead, always talking about the near future / reality is that the growth of AR will lead to the creation of wars of app store and cloud platforms. This will mainly cause an increase in privacy issues.

Everything I talked about in this article will come not today or tomorrow but in a few years it will be reality as technology evolves more and more and in a short time.

That’s it, see you in a future article.

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