Quarantine relationships are difficult, you know, it all comes down to seeing yout friends on a screen. Finally, we have some news in the field of telecommunications. Among friends now no longer friends because passed to the dark side of the unnamable “Zoom” (because of the scandals on privacy) and work colleagues planted on Microsoft Teams, here is that Google and Whatsapp provide some reading as useful news that you may not know yet. Let’s go see them together. You’ll see that you’ll find these Whatsapp and Google news very useful.

Google Meet (Android, iOS and browser)

Developed to be accessible to anyone thanks to the simple and instant interface, Google Meet has so far been only usable for users subscribed to G suite and G suite education.

Will have been the 3 million new users a day, will have been the strong competition of Zoom (arrived in the first days of quarantine to 200 million users a day), the fact is that the big G decided to offer its videoconferencing service free of charge until the end of September.

You can download it for free from all mobile stores or use it directly in your browser.


The most downloaded messaging app that knew more than any other to become part of our daily life.

For all those who the transition to other video call software was dictated by the maximum of 4 people granted by Whatsapp, there is news that could be useful. Whatsapp has increased the limit of conference people up to 8 people. You can then go back to chatting in comfort with all contacts, without install new apps with all the actions that result.

These were the novelties of Whatsapp and Google that I hope will be useful to you. Which applications do you use? Will you take advantage of the new potential of Whatsapp and Google? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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