Good morning dear readers of Tecnogalaxy, today we will talk about the data that are collected by TikTok during use and not only.

In the United States, there have been rumors for some time that the TikTok app is being banned from the Play Store and App Store, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Brendan Carr has issued a warning to technology companies, urging them to remove TikTok from US App Stores.

The reason for this stems from when security issues were raised after an investigation revealed leaked audio from TikTok meetings suggesting that China had access to US user data.


The data TikTok has access to includes information about who/where you are, what your preferences are and what content you consume on your devices. Whether or not you have registered an account on the app, cookies and other trackers can track you when you sign in to the site.

If you create an account, TikTok can collect even more information about you, your business and your preferences. The app can determine your location, the device you’re using, your IP address, search history, message content and the content you’re looking at, and for how long. In the United States, TikTok can collect biometric data including your face and voice print. It can also predict your age, gender and interests based on your activity.

The app also has access to your device’s clipboard including text, images and videos. It can also collect metadata for content you might create on the app but decide not to publish and delete. “TikTok is not just another video consumption app. It collects a series of sensitive data that new reports show you are accessing in Beijing.

TikTok is developed by ByteDance, which is partly owned by the Chinese state. The company has already faced criticism of its links with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

A letter from a journalist quoting TikTok’s data report stated that TikTok’s employee statement records suggested that Chinese engineers had access to US data between September last year and January, but that however they could not do so much being private information and not shared.

Responding to the report, a spokesperson for TikTok said: “We will gladly engage with legislators to make things clear regarding the misleading reports in the report. Like many global companies, TikTok has engineering teams all over the world. We use access controls such as encryption and security monitoring to protect user data and the access approval process is supervised by our US based security team. TikTok has consistently stated that our engineers in locations outside the US, including China, can gain access to US user data on a necessary basis under those strict controls”.

They added: “The recent reports that have been published and out released show that TikTok is doing exactly what it said it would do: address concerns about US users’ data access by employees outside the US We have been clear and explicit about our work in this area as we try to target both location and data access. We are pleased to route 100% of US user traffic to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and we are continuing to work on additional US data safeguards for greater peace of mind for our community”.

That’s all for now about TikTok, to a forthcoming article.

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