At the dawn of the greatest possible digitalization thanks to the Metaverse, it is increasingly important to fully understand the differences that technology has implemented in the way of living reality or part of it. One of the fundamental processes that have paved the way for the almost complete digitization of human activities certainly concerns online gambling and casino sites, that have significantly changed the user experience of gambling with several advantages that affect various aspects.

Here are the fundamental differences between online casino technology and the reality of land-based casino.

Speed up operations and save time with online casino technology

There are many sites that offer online blackjack games and one of the technological revolutions that also has anthropological implications concerns the maximum speed of the timing of the game. To access a traditional casino you have to take a long journey, move from one city to another or get stuck in traffic for a long time. Online casino cancel these possibilities and speed up operations with a single click.

Have all the news available in real time and follow the matches live

This convenience especially affects sports betting sites like Betfair which very often also have the virtual casino section. On this type of platforms there are the statistics of the most followed sports, the rankings and the complete schedule, in addition, the news section is updated daily to provide all the necessary information to fans, fans and especially fantasy football players. Another particularly useful feature is the ability to follow the sports competitions live.


The technology of virtual casinos offers many possibilities to organize poker tournaments through chat messaging but also the opportunity to register for international tournaments. There are many online poker tournaments that are also organized by celebrities for charity, Francesco Totti is a champion in this. Having more opportunities to participate in internationally renowned online poker tournaments, also means increasing the level of fun thanks to new digital technologies.


Not only poker, roulette and blackjack, the games available at online casinos and betting sites are many. The category of slot machines is certainly the most complete, because it offers numerous graphic themes inspired by different topics and themes: literature, cinema, history, cartoon, manga, videogames and so on. Technology has certainly helped to expand the offer of online games also in sport, in fact, virtual sports are among the favorite of users.

Save money and play with a comfortable outfit on online casino

The advanced technology of online casinos allows you to save considerably on the expenses to reach a certain traditional casino (travel, accommodation, entry and so on) and allows you to play comfortably from the couch of the house, without having to wear the mandatory outfits in the gaming rooms, ie tailcoat or jacket and tie.

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