Good morning dear readers of Tecnogalaxy, today we will talk about 7 sites that implement artificial intelligence, which you probably do not know yet.


This is an artificial intelligence tool from Google itself. With Talk to Books, you can simply type a phrase or query statement into the search box. And then it will help you discover the different books that have that phrase or something that can answer your question.

There are also samples that you can click on. These samples examine over 100,000 books to find the answers that will likely come later in the conversation. This is a Google experiment to teach his AI how real humans have a conversation and how it flows.

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This website will help you improve the low quality photos you might have. So even if you have pixelated, blurred, and not detailed images. Release your photo in the appropriate space of the site and choose between 2X or 4X resolution. Now that you are finished, select download. In a few seconds you can improve the image. You will be surprised by the quality of the improvement. The images are much more beautiful and detailed.

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It is another extraordinary photographic tool based on artificial intelligence. Magic Eraser allows you to remove any unwanted background or object from your photo. You can select the brush size; once set, it only highlights what you want to remove. Next, click “delete“. That’s right, unwanted objects disappear. Once finished, you can download the image.

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With Big Speak you can generate speeches in English. In other words, you can generate a voice from the text. First, write your text and then choose the voice you want it to read your block. There are several options based on gender and accent based on status. Next, scroll down and click the Generate button. And within seconds Big Speak will have generated the whole thing. This artificial intelligence website allows you to generate realistic sound audio from simple text. Big Speak uses machine learning algorithms to give you the best voice generation technology.

It is free and can be used on videos, clips or social media presentations.

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This artificial intelligence tool will help you write better and faster. You can select the language, tone and use case with its interface. Enter the topic of your post, select the number of variants (usually three) and the level of creativity.

It comes immediately with three different variants of the chosen use case. Rytr is excellent for fully writing your content as inspiration or as a guide to writing your content.

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This site is Google. Let’s say you’re abroad and don’t know the language exactly. And you want to translate something like a drink. So you can take a picture of that drink and then you can translate it into that language.

Thing Translator is excellent for your mobile phone and is available in many popular languages.

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This site will help you turn your thoughts into words. It is an extension that you install on your Chrome browser.

One use case is when you write your emails. Highlight the text you want to improve and it will give you suggestions in terms of other ways of writing. So it will give you more options and choices instantly. Another great use of WordTune is when you write an article or post on social media. Just highlight the paragraph and click “rewrite”. And this artificial intelligence tool will give you more hints.

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