Good morning dear readers of Tecnogalaxy, today we will talk about the 7 best growing Dapps that in this end 2022 and 2023 could grow.

One of the most fascinating words in the blockchain industry right now are decentralized applications (DApps). The name DApps consists of two words: decentralization and applications.

Dapp, or decentralized applications, are applications, tools, or programs that run on Ethereum’s decentralized blockchain. When it comes to decentralized applications, there are two key components. While the front end is similar to traditional apps, the back end is based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The connection between frontend and backend is similar to that of a normal app and the end user will not be able to distinguish. When using decentralized applications, closing any application is extremely difficult as it involves closing all distributed hosting nodes, which is almost impossible.


The main decentralized applications are:


Golem is one of the decentralized applications (DApps) that intends to establish a worldwide market for the power of idle computers. The idea behind the project is to combine the power of PCs and data centers to create a rental supercomputer that anyone in the world can use. Instead, depending on a central server farm, the initiative distributes the computational burden to the “providers” who are ready to rent their computers for processing work. In exchange for GNT tokens, these providers can share their resources. The project has many promises and scope since it allows the decentralization of the rendering process, which is considerably faster and less expensive than centralized solutions.


Augur is another fascinating DApps project that combines the power of a decentralized network with the notion of predictive markets. It can be seen as a decentralized market platform or a forecasting tool that allows you to make predictions about commercial profits. Make real-world event forecasts using the “Wisdom of the crowd” and an ERC20 token. Numerous predictions made by the Augur program are more accurate than those made by many real-world experts. Augur is thought to be a forecasting market platform that would reward users for making accurate predictions of world events. In addition, market makers and platform token holders reporting events will be compensated or rewarded.


Status, which calls itself “The Mobile Ethereum Client”, allows mobile devices to function as lightweight client nodes. It is based on Ethereum’s Blockchain network and allows you to communicate, browse and make payments on the decentralized web securely. You can also use dapp to access the entire Ethereum ecosystem from anywhere. Within the DApps messaging system, users can communicate smart contracts and make payments to each other. Server downtime is not a problem because the program runs on a peer-to-peer protocol.


Gnosis is a forecasting market platform based on Ethereum’s Blockchain, similar to Augur. The goal of this best decentralized application is to enable people to make accurate predictions about real-world events like elections and market prices. Site users are paid by Gnosis in the form of GNO tokens or other cryptocurrencies if they make accurate predictions according to project regulations. Gnosis offers developers the ability to build their own custom-made forecasting markets using platform development tools.


Shapeshift’s Prism is an initiative based on Ethereum Blockchain. It provides a decentralized and trust-free asset portfolio market. It makes use of EDCC, or executable distributed code contracts, to create tailored market portfolio management tools. Anyone can invest in other cryptocurrencies and define the proportion of participation they want using Prism. Prism eliminates the need for third parties and time-consuming procedure to save and store numerous private keys and wallets. Because the project is based on Ethereum smart contracts, you don’t need to keep track of different passwords and exchange keys. It also has an interactive user interface that shows a person’s investment portfolio and keeps track of everything in real time.


Aragon is another great effort in the DApps series. People can use the Ethereum Blockchain-based platform to create and manage decentralized organizations. The Aragon Foundation runs Aragon, which is an open source project. The goal of the project is to eliminate the need for human trade by allowing people to use Ethereum Blockchain to manage entire businesses and organizations. The platform is designed to allow people to build and administer decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) (decentralized autonomous organizations). Aragon also contains ANT, the platform token, which grants voting rights to make choices regarding the future development of the product. The Aragon DAO model can be used by any organization, company, nonprofit or foundation.


Circulor is one of the leading decentralized applications providing supply chain traceability for the electric car and electronics industries. It offers traceability to demonstrate that the raw materials used in the production of the latter have been purchased in an ethical and sustainable way. Circulor is a traceability platform that allows users to safeguard deliveries, manage payments and control the origin of raw materials, among other things. Circulor is built for the complexity of the real world.

This is all about the Dapps, in a forthcoming article.

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