Good morning dear readers of Tecnogalaxy, today we will see the top 5 sites/apps to create Deep Fake.


Deep fakes are, in their most common form, videos in which a person’s face has been convincingly replaced by a computer-generated face.


Today anyone can download deepfake software or even use web tools and apps to create an online deepfake.

If you’re looking to have fun with this AI technology, here are some of the best deepfake apps and websites you can use to make them.


DeepFaceLab is one of the first deepfake apps for Windows that appeared on the Internet. It’s a great option if you’re looking to gain a deeper understanding of the deepfake and the technology behind it. DeepFaceLab allows you to swap faces, replace the entire head, age a person and change the movement of the lips. DeepFakeLab was created for researchers and computer vision students; hence, it is definitely not the most user-friendly software on this list. You will need a powerful PC to run it. Not to mention it will take some time before you understand how the software works.

At the same time, you probably won’t find a better and more advanced deepfake app that you can use for free.


Zao is a Chinese app that lets you create a deepfake video in seconds. If you’re looking for some fun and don’t want to spend too much time or effort on your deepfake, try Zao. The app is extremely easy to use, To make your first deepfake, all you need to do is choose a video from a wide selection of popular movie clips and TV shows. Zao will do the rest for you.

The deepfake app does a better job with Chinese faces, but it’s still fun to try it on others. The app is free and is available for Android and iOS.


Faceswap is a free and open source deepfake app. It is powered by Tensorflow, Keras and Python and can be used for learning and training purposes.

If you are more interested in the process of creating a deepfake video than a deepfake itself, Faceswap has an active forum where you can ask questions and tutorials about creating deepfake. They also offer guides on how to use the software for absolute beginners. Faceswap works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Although the developers recommend using a more powerful PC and a graphics card, since the process of exchanging faces on a CPU is “incredibly slow“.


Deep Art Effects is a unique deepfake app on this list. It works with images rather than videos and allows you to turn them into works of art. The underlying algorithm is inspired and trained on works by famous artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso and Michelangelo. Upload any image from your gallery, choose one of the available styles and let artificial intelligence turn it into a unique work of art. Deep Art Effects has both a mobile version for Android and iOS, as well as a desktop version for Windows, Mac and Linux available for free.


The software uses artificial intelligence for face exchange called RefaceAI to overlay your face with GIFs and images.

Creating a deepfake image in REFACE is very simple. Take a picture of your face and choose a popular GIF or meme from the app gallery. The app will then create a custom image with your face on it. The accuracy of the result will depend on the symmetry of your face and the GIF you are using. The good news is that REFACE has many options that you can try until you get the perfect deepfake.

The app is free and available for both Android and iOS.

Should we be worried about deepfakes?

Many people are concerned about the increase in deepfakes and the possible negative impact they can have if used to misrepresent someone. However, it seems that for now people use deepfake technology just to have some fun. From sharing GIFs created in deepfake apps on Instagram Stories to creating full deepfake videos to upload to YouTube.

This is all about deepfake to an upcoming article.

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