Good morning dear readers of Tecnogalaxy, today I will show you what is the top 5 of the best free Web Hosting forever.

Before telling you which are the best web hosting services we explain what it is. In a nutshell, a web hosting is a web space in which to store all the data that make up your website.

After designing and building a site, it must “live” somewhere for it to exist on the internet.

This is where web hosting comes into play – after all, you wouldn’t buy a TV if you didn’t have a home to put it in, and you can’t launch a website without a server to host it on.


The following sites will offer you a site builder and a domain owned by them. Creative sites can vary from being a blog to a shop. Of course they will all be free for life.

If you are looking for a web space with domain but without the site builder I recommend you to read our guide about it.


Blogger is owned by Google and your domain will end up with, it has a good editor, with this site you can have the advertisements and then earn money only if you have not broken the rules so for example you must not have stolen an article without permission, and then especially blogger has a great community where you can respond to ask anything and within 24 hours you’ll get your answer, but know that Google in this period is not giving much attention to this very promising service.

Official website:


Wix is a very famous service. With the free plan for life you’ll have to use a site with end for, as said before this is a very famous service so it’s easier to find guides to do what you want, with this plan however you won’t have the advertisements so you won’t be able to earn money if your site grows and is in order.

Official website:


This web hosting service is comparable to WIX in everything, but in my opinion jimdo is a bit less user friendly but it’s a great service while using the plan for free. The domain ends for, the editor builder is good but always in my opinion is better than wix. With this site you will not be able to put ads to earn money but you can do it if you improve your plan starting to pay.

Official website:


This service is a service that does not have an integrated web builder, but you can choose the theme even if they are few, the problem that is not a real problem is that you have to use evernote to write the articles/pages, and a few minutes later they will appear on your site, also for this service you can not have the monetization for the plan for free. The domain ends for

Official website:


Finally, we are talking about a service enough that has a fairly crude graphics compared to the others, but unlike the this service has a web builder, the themes are in the catalog quite narrow and are not among the most modern, even this last site with the free plan can not monetize.

Official website:


These are good web hosting services, but no one has a better web builder than WordPress but the one that comes close for completeness is Wix, in second position jimdo and then blogger, these 3 are the ones I recommend the most since they are also easy to use, but if you want to achieve completeness even postach and over-blog can reach, but keep in mind that if you want to earn money you have to opt for Google bloggers.

With all web hosting services you don’t need a credit card, just a simple registration, and with none of the services you can use a different domain, even if you find them online for free.

That’s all, to a next article.

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