Good morning dear readers of Tecnogalaxy, today we will talk about the top 5 free code editors, for Windows and Mac for 2022.

Most of these best code editors are free; you don’t need to buy expensive licenses or anything to start working on them. Just download a trial version of said software and see if it meets your requirements. Next, you can convert to paid software for yourself or for the company you work for. A basic version code editor can be used as a stand-alone application. If the app allows, it can be integrated into an integrated development environment (IDE). Let’s take a look at our list of the best code editors.


One of the most well-known code editors that developers around the world have been using for some time is Notepad++. This fantastic application was developed in C++. The initial launch version was very simple. At the time it didn’t have many features, but Notepad++ collected tons of positive reviews.

Not only developers, but also occasional users prefer to use this tool over the native Windows notepad application. Using the pure win32 API, Notepad++ has incredible execution speed, which is great for modern machines. Thanks to improved execution times, code compilation takes a few seconds.

This application is currently only compatible with the Windows platform. Use a GPL license to work.

Main features:

  • Auto-complete: word completion, function completion
  • User-defined syntax highlighting and folding
  • Multi-view and multilingual support
  • Supports syntax highlighting for languages such as PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Macro recording and playback
  • Fully customizable GUI
  • Auto-save
  • Split screen editing and synchronized scrolling


One of the most famous and useful code editors in this list is Atom. Used by millions of developers around the world, it is an amazing application with a very simple user interface that increases its usability. One of the interesting features of this best free code editor is that developers can send packages directly from the application. Atom is available for download on multiple platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac devices.

Main features:

  • Integrated package manager for plugin support
  • Smart auto-complete
  • Find and Replace tool
  • Multiple boxes
  • Packages and themes


Belonging to the family of software developed by the tech giant Microsoft, Visual Studio Code is an excellent code editor that we have in the list. The application is a fantastic software that offers deep integrated support for Node.js, typescript and JavaScript. One of the most effective and time-saving features of this application is its infusion with AI.

This means that all the code that the developer writes in the application is read by the software. As a result, it generates automatic responses for code writing. These responses are based on types of variables, definitions of essential functions and modules.

This application is available for download on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

Main features:

  • code debugging
  • Work easily with Git and other Software Configuration Management (SCM) vendors
  • Easily extensible and customizable
  • Code of Visual Studio CLI
  • Plugins and themes
  • Split views, Zen mode
  • Integrated terminal


Although this list recommends some of the best code editors on the market, there is still no comparison with the Brackets code editor. Yes, it’s free, but what makes it really useful is the whole barrage of new features. This application has a lightweight framework designed by Adobe. It is one of the best fully open-source code editors and you can edit it to your liking.

One of the most amazing features of this application is that you can choose between a browser view to see how your code is going or you can view the source code in its original form and edit it from there.

This application is available for use on Windows, Linux and Mac devices.

Main features:

  • Offers live preview, preprocessor support and online editor
  • Tool specially developed for macos
  • Quick User Interface Edit feature brings context-specific code and tools online
  • Excellent user interface


Another code editor in this list that is one of the most famous code editors is netbeans. It is open source software that developers can use to develop applications using programming languages such as PHP, Java and C++, among many others. This software also contains features like code analyzers that can debug the code for you and also converters to edit anything that needs editing.

This application is ready to be used on Windows, Linux and Mac devices.

Main features:

  • Offers quick and smart code editing
  • Helps you write code without bugs
  • Simple and efficient project management
  • Rapid development of the user interface
  • Visual debugger
  • Instruments for static analysis
  • Code converters
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Batch Code Analyzers Batch Code Analyzers

That’s all about editors, a forthcoming article.

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