Good morning dear readers of Tecnogalaxy, today we will talk about 5 functions that could be introduced on iOS 17.

Since 2007 with the debut of iPhone and iOS, there has been an annual rotation of new software updates that would bring big changes or small improvements, such as a redesign in iOS 7 or widgets on the home screen in iOS 14 . However, with iOS 16 bringing widgets into the lock screen, users seem to want an expansion of existing features rather than new ones for iOS 17.

With that in mind, we’ve racked our brains and devised seven features of the iPhone platform that could benefit many users.



This is something long awaited, but it is a difficult challenge to overcome. First appeared in iOS 7 with the great redesign to a flat methodology, swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone to access some settings. It was later moved to the top right corner since the iPhone X and beyond use the upward swipe gesture to return to the main screen.

Almost ten years later, Control Center got worse, mainly because of the number of new features that appeared and, in turn, have filled the menu so much that it can be difficult to exit the screen when you try to scroll up.

Let’s see a redesign where we can resize options, similar to widgets on the home screen, and allow third-party apps to access Control Center

And incidentally, we also see Control Center as part of the multitasking menu on iPad, instead of having its own section.


We are at a time when many users own more Apple products and, although iCloud helps you manage files on these devices, some details like fitness and battery life can only be found on some Apple products. For example, if you want to take a look at your Movement goal on a Fitness widget from your iPad, you can’t. If you want to check the battery of all your devices, you are unlucky. The only way to check if they’re running low is to charge the Find My iPhone app, go to the Devices tab, and select each of your Apple products to see how full the battery icon is for each of them. If an app can do that, you can definitely get a battery widget in iOS, but also macos and iPadOS.


The iOS home screen had barely changed since 2007, so when finally a redesign came in iOS 16 with widgets, it was nice to see. However, we see this effort expand even more in iOS 17.

6 widgets + 1 widget Live activity on the lock screen are not enough for some: there are many opportunities to see more widgets in more sizes and in more locations.

For example, time should be able to be replaced by another widget, next to another line of widgets below the three that we can already choose. More widgets are always a good thing, so let’s see more and in more sizes.


While the ability to watch a video anywhere on your device debuted on iPad only in iOS 9, since then there have been few improvements except for iOS 14 in 2019. However, the ability to better control the video, such as scrubbing the timeline and selecting other videos, has not yet arrived, which is why these should appear in iOS 17.

There is also a hidden function when you use it on macos: if you hold down Option while dragging a video, you can place it anywhere on the screen. Let’s see it also appear in iOS 17, so we have more control of its size and location.


At the time of the release of iPhone 8 Plus, it was useful to rotate the phone horizontally and the home screen rotated, along with everything else.

The keyboard would add functions like punctuation keys and shortcuts like copy and paste text, as well as take advantage of the added length so that some keys were wider, but this was removed in future models when the iPhone XS was launched in 2018.

Almost all iPhones currently available, from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 Pro Max, all have displays that are the same or larger than the normal iPhone 8 Plus, thanks to the different full-screen design. So let’s see iOS 17 take advantage and expand it to other apps, like Apple Music and even the lock screen with its useful widgets.

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