Every day millions of multimedia devices, such as PCs, tablets and smartphones, are infected with viruses capable of affecting their proper functioning. Sometimes the stored information gets erased, resulting in a loss of important memories, not to mention that some viruses can even steal sensitive data with disastrous consequences in all respects. The importance of installing an antivirus software becomes therefore of primary necessity, but what is the most reliable?


Antivirus Norton is one of the pioneers of the industry, since 1991 in fact produces antivirus and anti-spyware software whose task is to protect the device globally and allowing the owner to browse the web without any fear. Since its inception, the company has tried to encourage the installation and renewal of its software, so as to counteract the work of hackers always ready to enter new viruses from the increasingly serious danger. The only defense is to shut down the PC or use it with an updated antivirus, the latter feature is crucial because there are millions of ways to infect a device and use an old program would mean not be safe. A coverage must be global, that is, calibrated to detect any virus at once, even the newest one.


Norton 360 is a great software designed for smartphones, iPhones, PCs, tablets and Macs. Its power lies in overcoming any type of threat, even the most advanced. In fact, technology has been advancing enormously in recent years, both positive and negative, so Norton 360 is the ideal solution. Taking one of the most common scams such as phishing, it has been found that hackers are now able to overcome two-factor authentication, which is why you need to be equipped with double protection. Operation is like a barrier, able to keep scammers and viruses outside the device, and the new version also ensures a free and unlimited VPN, so you can surf anonymously. In addition there is the cloud storage, that is a backup mode to save all the files online, so that in case of loss it will be easy to recover them.


The cost is really small and consists of different types of subscription divided by number of devices, standard or luxury version, systems for gamers and much more. Just read the specifications and activate the subscription that best suits your situation, making sure you find total coverage.

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