WhatsApp has laid a milestone in communication, being the first to exploit all the advantages provided by data exchange in telephony. In this article we will see the comparison with Telegram, the messaging app and not only that it is depopulating.

WhatsApp has been able to establish itself as the first messaging system by setting SMS after more than a decade of uncontested domination. Being able to send images, videos, files and even your position in real time to let friends reach you, moreover free of charge against the not always cheap cost of SMS, marked the turning point in the way of communicating between people, making you forget even Skype since it also added a good video calling system.

With WhatsApp, many alternative applications were born that tried to gnaw its market slices, but always without too much conviction. Even Google , with its mediocre Hangout, has failed in its intent and WhatsApp has come to be so popular that it has even been purchased by Facebook .

Then came Telegram…

What does Telegram have less than WhatsApp?

Nothing, apart from the quantity of your numbers in the phone book. On the other hand, it has many more things and are summarized in some salient points, in order to illustrate the goodness of this alternative.

  1. It’s fast: Yes, Telegram is much leaner and faster than WhatsApp, managing to make you scroll through long chats without giving you back annoying lag;
  2. Cloud conversations: This is one of the most interesting features of Telegram: you will no longer have to make any backup of the conversations, risking losing them during the reset of the phone, since you will find them intact once logged in;
  3. Memory of the last message read: I am sure that you too have friends ” spammons “, who in group chats manage to hide 1 useful message in the midst of 1000 useless. To go back to the last message read on WhatsApp you have to scroll all the messages until you find yours (if you can!), But in Telegram the group chat will open exactly to the last message read!
  4. Encrypted chats: On Telegram it is possible to launch encrypted chats, called “secret“, to increase the security of our conversations. Also in these chats you can set a timer for the duration of each message. Another interesting thing about this secret chat is that the content of messages is not shown in notifications;
  5. Access from multiple devices: You can log in with the same Telegram account from multiple devices at the same time without compromising the functioning of the account on another device. This is one of the functions that WhatsApp has never introduced so far. In fact, WhatsApp allows access from only one device at a time (unless it is WhatsApp web);
  6. Groups and permissions: Telegram allows you to create groups that can contain up to 200,000 members. Various administrators can be set, each with different permissions and it is possible to set various rules in the group such as the sending of slow messages (every tot of time). In addition, groups can be secret or public. Each user will be viewable through his nickname if he has not registered as a contact. Unlike WhatsApp where the phone number is displayed and then a small part of the nickname;
  7. Channels and Bots: Telegram channels and bots are probably the reason why most people register with Telegram as it is possible to find channels and bots that can help us a lot in our daily lives. Starting from the simplest news channel to the bot that tracks us parcels and allows us to download songs from Spotify;
  8. Access with multiple accounts: With a single device it is possible to access with multiple Telegram accounts. Unthinkable for WhatsApp. With Telegram it is possible to manage multiple accounts with a single device;
  9. App customization: Through the Telegram settings you can completely customize the app starting from the icon displayed on the home page of the smartphone up to the personalization of the background in the chats accurately;
  10. Message elimination: This function is also present in WhatsApp but in a very limited way. On Telegram it is possible to delete any message at any time even if it has already been read. In addition, messages received for both people in the conversation can also be deleted;
  11. Deleting media from memory: To save space on our smartphone, Telegram allows us to set a maximum duration time for a media file such as photos and videos. After reaching the maximum time, the media file will be removed from the smartphone but can still be re-downloaded at any time;
  12. Sending scheduled messages: With Telegram you can set the sending of scheduled messages. Several messages can also be programmed for any date and time;

These were just some of the most important Telegram features that WhatsApp doesn’t have. Over the years some features such as stickers, tags, message replies and dark fashions were first introduced by Telegram and then after a few years they were also introduced on WhatsApp. So it is not said that over the years some Telegram exclusives mentioned in this article will also be introduced on WhatsApp as it happened in the past.

Unfortunately many still are not aware of this fantastic application and therefore most of your contacts have WhatsApp but not Telegram and you are forced to use WhatsApp to communicate.

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