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How to find social media credentials using Phishing

Dear readers of Tecnogalaxy, today we will resume the topic of Phishing, we have already talked about Phishing several times, in this article however we will go to see step by step how an attacker acts, which tool he uses and how he moves to discover the credentials...

The biggest online scams to date

Dear readers of Tecnogalaxy, today we will talk about of online scams. In general, online scams take advantage of the fear and greed of Internet users. Some of these internet scams like phishing and the dreaded email ( Nigerian prince) have been around for many years....

How to crack a password

In this guide we will see some techniques used to crack a password. How to crack a Password? First we explain how passwords are saved. When a site or program stores your password, such as Google or Facebook etc. the password is usually stored as a hash. A hash is a...

How to Hack a wordpress site – Practice guide with examples

In this guide we will see how to hack a WordPress site. This choice by the user however entails serious problems for the Internet as a whole, introducing a large stream of webmasters and service providers not always specialized in implementing and administering these...