Good morning dear Tecnogalaxy readers, today we’re going to talk about how to turn SMS into money through a very simple app, namely SIMCASH. All you need is a Smartphone, an internet connection, and an offer with free SMS, possibly unlimited.

Before we get into the subject, however, it’s worth doing a little background on what SIMCASH is and what the purpose of this application is.

SIMCASH: what is it?

To understand what SIMCASH is, we must first know the meaning of OTP message.

The OTP messages, acronym for one-time-password, are nothing more than notifications in the form of SMS that are sent to the recipient when he has to access a platform, website, application, or simply when making a purchase.

This is a method of authentication, which can also be called two-factor authentication (2FA), very popular in recent times, which is used by major companies worldwide such as Amazon and Google. Yes you have noticed, often these messages are sent from regular cell phone numbers like yours, which can also have international area codes.

So, many might think that these SMS are sent manually by individuals. In reality, companies like SIMCASH offer services of this type that allow you to transform SMS into money in a completely automatic way. Having a clear understanding of the concept of an OTP message, in fact, understanding what SIMCASH is is much easier.

This company, working with partners such as those mentioned above, on the one hand offers them this type of service to ensure security for their customers and, on the other, allows us consumers to earn through unused SMS. But how exactly does SIMCASH work?

SIMCASH: how does it work?

To understand how SIMCASH works, you don’t need a lot of fancy footwork or any special technical expertise. In fact, the application is able to transform SMS into money automatically, sending OTP messages to selected users who are accessing websites, or buying items online. The price for each SMS to be turned into money can vary from 0.001 cents to 0.01 cents.

So, in short, sending 1000 messages per day means earning 10 euros per day, or 300 euros per month in a totally passive way. But how do you download SIMCASH? Simple, just go to the official website and click on the ”download APK” button.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the application, which is only compatible with Android, you’ll have to go through a simple registration phase, in which you’ll only need your First Name, Last Name, email, mobile number and a possible referral code. After that, you’ll be faced with a screen like this one, which will present red lines because you are not yet active.

In this case, we find a main line with 0.46 cents, which is the current gain generated by the application’s automatic sending of OTP SMS. Below, however, is marked the total budget (already taken by the user), of just over 100 euros.

Further down we find the item ”Price”, that is, the price selected by the user for each SMS sent. In this case, it is important to point out that the lower the price at which you sell the SMS, the higher the number of SMS sent. However, a price that is too low is highly discouraged, since mobile operators could detect ”suspicious behavior” on your card (we’ll see possible risks later). Generally speaking, setting a price between 0.006 and 0.01 will give you less earnings, but you’ll be much safer.

How do I change the settings on SIMCASH?

Now that you know what SIMCASH is and how to turn SMS into money, it’s important to find the right settings to leave the app running in the background without any worries. Click on the square outlined by the lines (red or green), and you’ll be redirected to this screen.

SIMCASH: how to turn SMS into money

Here, you’ll have to click on ”Not Active” and select ”Active” to activate the SIM. After that, you’ll also be able to give it a name, in the case of the photo ”New Num”. It is advisable to use a second SIM to use SIMCASH with confidence, for some simple reasons that we’ll see in a moment.

Now that you are active, select the option ”country”, and you’ll be redirected to a page where you can choose the countries to which you want to send SMSs to convert them into money. Obviously, this will vary according to your offer. If you have free SMS for Italy only, select Italy only. On the other hand, choose what suits you best, making sure that you won’t have to pay when the SMS are sent.

Then, go to ”Earning per SMS” and set the ”selling price” of your messages. As mentioned above, we suggest oscillating between 0.006 and 0.01 to avoid too many being sent in a row. If you set, for example, 0.01 cents and you see that after 24-48 hours nothing has been sent, try to decrease the price a little.

Further down you will find the various ”limit” items, i.e. the maximum number of messages you want to send per hour, day, week and month (hour, day, week, month). Here you have to be very careful: each operator, in fact, will ”discover” you according to their policies and their checks, so the limit varies according to the operator. In general, an average of 5, 10 or 15 messages per hour should not create any problem.

However, if you notice that when sending SMS some dots turn red, pause the app immediately (via the ”active” section we used before) and decrease the number of SMS per hour. There may also be situations when the app automatically pauses after 3 red messages in a row.

So, to turn SMS into cash without any problems, do your own tests until you find the right setting for your operator.

SIMCASH: how do you withdraw?

To withdraw from SIMCASH, there are numerous options, which is why the app has become so popular, especially for those who like the convenience of PayPal or cryptocurrencies. On the main dashboard, there is a button that says ”request payout”.

SIMCASH: how to turn SMS into money

You will be redirected to this page, where you can choose your preferred payment method from PayPal, bank transfer, XRP, DOGE and Bitcoin. Each of these payment methods has a different payout threshold, and higher or lower fees.

Our advice is to withdraw in XRP or DOGE after creating your own cryptocurrency wallet, for example on Coinbase or Binance. This is because XRP and DOGE have a minimum payout of only 6 euros, and do not require any commission as in the case, for example, of the bank transfer (payout 50 euros and 10 euros commission).


Turning SMSs into money using an app like SIMCASH can be especially convenient to make some extra money using the classic unlimited messages that are hardly used anymore. However, it should be pointed out that, in case you send too many, you might have problems with operators since most phone contracts strictly forbid the sale of their free offers (minutes, giga, sms) to third parties.

Also, many people who don’t know what an OTP message is tend to call or reply to the message of the person who sent it, so you may be contacted by strangers who may possibly be annoyed because they think it’s a joke. That’s why we recommend that you use a secondary SIM or, at any rate, limit yourself with the number of SMS you send.

N.B.: obviously, this article is for informational purposes only, and we refrain from any liability related to problems with mobile operators or individuals who might be disturbed by your OTP messages.

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