It was 2018 when it began for the first time to rumor about the arrival of the new phantom Playstation 5. The vicissitudes between which Sony had to extricate themselves were many and perhaps unthinkable if we had not experienced them firsthand: a pandemic and an almost worldwide revolt contributed to the postponement of the presentation.

Finally on 11 June 2020 at 21:00 (UTC) numerous new titles predestined to the next-gen console were presented. If for many, after long silence, the presentation of the titles could have been sensational news, it was not for Sony. The Japanese company has decided to outclass all previous news by officially showing the new Playstation 5.

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Playstation 5 news

What first of all catches the eye is obviously the new aesthetic, it differs slightly from the past bodywork, even simply for the color combinations; it must be said that, as always happens, the new shape was not pleasant to everyone (Reddit was already inundated with memes on the evening of the presentation).

Finally peeking into what is the hardware it has been confirmed that it will be composed of Rdna 2 architecture (which it shares with the direct antagonist: Xbox series X). The graphics card has an operating frequency of 2.23 GHz. At the base there is an Amd Zen 2 octa core processor with a frequency of 3.5GHz, 16 GB of RAM memory gddr6 at 256 bi t and an 825 GB ssd. The great news, requested by the community for years, is that the console will be backwards compatible (only with the previous generation). From day one it will be possible to play all the PS4 titles that you own.

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Another important feature that is expected to lay down the law in the future is the lack of the Blu-ray player in the “Playstation 5 digital edition” version. To date, the list price has not yet been revealed. The problems suffered by the production chain due to Covid-19 will certainly affect the final cost (bearing in mind that the number of consoles produced is not what the parent company hoped for).

We expect news on the price, in the hope that the one hypothesized by Amazon UK (£ 599) will not become reality.

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