Good morning dear readers of Tecnogalaxy, today we will return to talk about Nothing, the new start-up entrepreneur Carl Pei.

Nothing will launch its first smartphone on the world market this summer, announced by its CEO and former co-founder of oneplus, Carl Pei, during live streaming. It will be called Phone 1, run Android and be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

The Phone 1 will be the company’s second product after the launch of its True Wireless Ear 1 earphones last year. A short teaser trailer released suggests that the phone may have a series of light strips built into the back, while a previous leak stated that it may feature transparent design elements such as earphones, previously mentioned.

But Nothing is not ready to talk about specifics or price. During an interview prior to the event of this, Pei was even shy about what function these strips could play in the device. We could watch a new interpretation of the notification spy, which was once a problem.


Nothing has published a series of images of Nothing OS, the Android skin that plans to ship to Phone 1. Images that do not reveal much about what the software might be able to do, but Pei cares to emphasize the appearance, which is very consciously aligned with the rest of the Nothing brand.

The Nothing press release states that the Nothing operating system of Phone 1, will review Android to keep “only the essentials, where each byte has a purpose“. However, don’t expect the phone to evoke the ghost of the Essential Phone, even though Nothing acquired the rights to the brand earlier last year. Pei says the acquisition was only about acquiring trademarks when “Nothing” could have been called “Essential“.

The goal of Nothing, says Pei, is to create products with a design language focused on everything, from hardware to software, so that there is never any confusion about whether they come from another company. It’s a daunting task in a world of increasingly indistinguishable smartphones. Pei cites Dyson’s designs as having the kind of individuality he would like Nothing to emulate: it is no coincidence that Dyson’s former head of design, Adam Bates, recently joined Nothing to fill the role of director of design.

The creation of an ecosystem

While the appearance of Phone 1’s Nothing operating system is clearly a priority, what is most important to the company is what the device represents: a crucial step in Nothing’s attempt to build an ecosystem of interconnected devices. The strategy is not new, Pei talked about it when he launched the company last year, but with the presentation of the smartphone, the ecosystem now has a central device to anchor to.

The goal here is less to compete with other Android phones like those launched by Pei when it was part of oneplus. Instead, his desire is to compete with Apple and the vast ecosystem it created. However, competing with a company’s ecosystem that is worth more than $2 trillion will not be easy. Pei doesn’t have a clear answer as to how Nothing plans to implement this type of ecosystem integrations, but he thinks the company has something to attract other companies into.


I think it’s much easier to convince partners because we help them do a lot of the work they can’t do alone,” says Pei. In fact, he sees in Nothing one day acting almost like an external consumer technology consultant for companies looking to launch new products, helping in everything from design to supply chains and engineering. “This is an end-to-end capability with which we are infusing our partners“.

Controlling an entire ecosystem can have its downsides, like the consumer blockade that comes with Apple’s infamous ecosystem. One of the great things about a company that only makes headphones is that it is motivated to make its accessories work with everything. But this can change if you suddenly start producing both phones and earphones.

Launching a smartphone is one thing, but trying to build a whole technological ecosystem to compete with companies like Apple is a challenge for a company that has only released one product so far, especially when that product, the Ear 1 earphones, It had some edges at launch. But although Pei has great ambitions for Nothing, in the more immediate future he says that the company is doing things one step at a time. This means that the next step is the most important of all: Actually release the Phone 1.

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