Good morning dear readers of Tecnogalaxy, today we will talk about Microsoft Loop that is about to become a competitor of Notion.

Microsoft now allows anyone to preview Microsoft Loop, a collaborative hub that offers a new way to work with Office apps and manage tasks and projects. Just like Notion, Microsoft Loop includes workspaces and pages where you can import and organize tasks, projects, and documents. But what sets the two apart are the shareable components of Loop that allow you to turn any page into text that can be pasted into Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Word and Whiteboard.


Microsoft Loop is designed with collaboration and co-creation in mind. The general interface looks a lot like Notion, an app for the workspace used by Adobe, Figma, Amazon and many other companies. Loop pages are like blank pages where people can share and collaborate with existing models.

Loop will try to create a workspace, simplifying the addition of those needed to organize a project. You can use the “/” command to add images, emojis, tables, and more. The shortcut “@” allows you to link suggested files or tag users.

Just like a Word or Google Docs document, the Loop preview will support up to 50 people editing a workspace simultaneously. Microsoft has tested it to ensure that Loop can adapt to those types of requests.

Project and task management features are largely what you would expect here. You can create custom progress trackers and labels and even sync things with Planner and To-Do. If you are used to using something like Trello, you can also import a card from there and then export it again once you have finished working on it more collaboratively in Loop.
Microsoft is also bringing Loop to mobile devices. While your phone isn’t the best way to create documents, it’s often helpful to check or annotate notes while you’re away from your PC. The Loop mobile app is designed to capture photos, ideas and more. “It wasn’t just about trying to replicate the desktop experience, but really thinking about how to mainly simplify consumption and lightweight changes on mobile devices”. This was stated by Ron Pessner, director of program management who works on Loop at Microsoft.

Loop is the end result of years of work by Microsoft to create a new type of Office tool. Previously known as Fluid, Microsoft’s main idea is to transform the tables, charts, and lists that are typically found in Office documents into content and collaborative blocks.
Microsoft is also privately testing its new Microsoft 365 Copilot system within Loop. With which you’ll be able to use artificial intelligence-based tips to create a brainstorming or project, with Microsoft adapting its Copilot to support a multi-user mode where you and your colleagues can ask questions to the AI chatbot and edit the answers. The great thing is that the answers are instant and always in the Microsoft environment, so edit them freely and then share them in Outlook and Teams.

Notion has a similar system based on artificial intelligence that goes much further. You can use it to create meeting notes, create summaries, bring out important information, and rewrite or generate text. Notion also has an accurate web clipper feature that allows you to import any page to the web.

Microsoft is now opening Loop to public preview, allowing businesses and even consumers to access an early version of the software. If you have a Microsoft account or an Azure account, you can access it through the web app and the iOS and Android versions that will also be available for businesses today and soon for consumers.

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