It happened to anyone to have to write a message on Whatsapp to a number not necessarily having to save. Maybe buying used items online or answering an apartment ad. Contacts that will remain in your address book and to which you will most likely never write again. In this article we will then see how to write to an unsaved number on Whatsapp.

So here is the solution to this problem with any smartphone, Android or iOS that is.

Write to an unsaved number on Whatsapp

To write to a number not saved with Whatsapp just enter the following string in the address bar of the browser “ phone number“. It is important to remember that the prefix must be entered and it is different for every country. After the prefix do not enter any character but only the mobile phone number.

You will be redirected to the official website of Whatsapp and at that point just open the app following the directions and the chat will be created.

This very fast process will save you time and avoid the constant need to save completely useless contacts for your address book. With a simple link you can directly access the chat you need.

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