Netflix is the most popular video streaming platform in the world. On Netflix you can find films and some of the most famous TV series in the world, some even of their own production. In this article we will see how to watch Netflix for free everywhere and other alternative solutions to save a lot on a subscription .

Netflix is ​​available on every device and allows you to purchase various plans ranging from the Basic to the Premium one.

Let’s see what are the differences between the various subscriptions.

  • Basic subscription: This subscription costs $8.99 per month and allows streaming video on only one device at a time. The maximum quality is standard, therefore not HD.
  • Standard subscription : The intermediate plan has a cost of $12.99 per month . Video streaming is available on two devices simultaneously and the maximum quality is FullHD.
  • Premium subscription : The last alternative is the most complete one. It costs $15.99 per month and allows 4K viewing . With this plan streaming is available on 4 devices simultaneously.

Now that we have seen the various plans, what do you need to do to get Netflix for free?

There are many alternatives but in this guide I recommend the most valid ones.

See Netflix for free for a month

This could be the most banal solution but it is right to insert it. Netflix provides a free monthly subscription for new members. For the free trial it will be possible to choose any of the three proposed plans.

To register for the free Netflix trial go to the official website and first enter your email in the clearly visible box on the home page.

Then click on Try it now, choose the plan you prefer and then enter your personal data and data relating to your credit card. Alternatively you can also pay with PayPal and prepaid cards.

Now you have your Netflix trial for a month. In this month you will be able to use Netflix completely, just as if you paid for the subscription.

Take advantage of this month to evaluate the service well so that you can then choose at the end of the month whether to purchase another monthly plan.

Currently the free trial of Netflix is ​​disabled in Italy. You could create a free trial account using a VPN and set up a country of foreign origin. Or you can wait for Netflix to reactivate the free trial in Italy.

Share your Netflix subscription

The method I will explain to you now is a widely adopted solution to significantly reduce the costs of a Netflix subscription .

As mentioned before, the Premium subscription allows you to watch Netflix simultaneously on 4 devices. This means that if you want to share the subscription with 3 other friends the cost will end up at only $4 per month for each person.

This is extraordinary! $4 for a 4K monthly subscription is a paltry cost if you compare it to the initial price.

Each person who accesses the account can create their own profile in such a way that they can have their series saved and their progress in watching a series in order to be able to resume from a specific point at any time.

But it’s not over here! Netflix in fact allows the creation of 5 profiles in an account. By deleting the Kids account which is automatically created with the account, you will have room for another profile, therefore usable for a fifth person.

This does not mean that the vision will be available for 5 devices simultaneously but it is possible to divide the subscription into 5 people. The probability that all 5 will be connected simultaneously is very low so this solution can be considered valid.

In this way, the subscription will cost $3.2 per month for each person. So there will be an additional saving of 80 cents compared to sharing in 4. The important thing is knowing how to organize in order not to connect all 5 at the same time otherwise one of the 5 will not be able to access.


How could you read having Netflix for free or saving a large amount of money on a monthly subscription is possible!

These were concrete and easily implemented solutions.

Be wary of those who sell subscriptions at a very low cost as they are often stolen accounts which are then restored by the owner and therefore remain without an account.

With this guide you can have Netflix at a negligible cost in a legal and simple way. You just need to find someone who shares the subscription with you.

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