In this guide we wills see how to secure a WordPress site.

Let’s start with the guide by seeing what you can do to increase the safety of a WordPress site with little tricks.

Keep the Site up to Date

The first thing that is recommended when you secure a WordPress site is to keep your site updated, checking the status of plugins and themes installed and above all always update WordPress to the latest version available.

I also recommend you to:

  • Use plugins created by professional companies;
  • Make the best use of all the options that make the platform available to you;

The main known security vulnerabilities of WordPress come from:

  • Plugin WordPress;
  • Core WordPress;
  • WordPress themes

When a security vulnerability is found, or a new implementation is decided, the WordPress team releases an update to correct it.

The same should apply to plugins and themes – essential components for a site created with WordPress.

This means that anyone who studies the code of WordPress, can find the method to violate it, exploiting not only the core of WordPress, but also the plugins and themes.

It often happens that the developers of themes and plugins coordinate their updates with the main WordPress versions, this to make sure to take advantage of the new features and improvements.

This means that to the release of a new version of WordPress, all updates can be managed by the administration area of your site.

If instead between the version in use and the new version is passed too much time, the update can become a really challenging task.

Choosing the Hosting

According to a research by WP White Security in recent years 41% of hacked sites have been because of a vulnerability in hosting. Also the choice of where to publish your site is very important, choosing a professional hosting can relieve you of different problems.

In fact a good hosting has some controls on the incoming traffic and could detect a possible attack blocking it before it can cause damage.

The HTTPS is not to be underestimated. For some years now it has even affected the indexing as well as the performance and safety. In short, the advantages of HTTPS are so many and choosing a hosting that allows you to implement it is really important.

Change URL Site access WordPress

Another tip is to protect the access page to the control panel by changing the url to the default one provided by WordPress.

For security there are several plugins that you can install on the platform, you can find them in the directory of WordPress. A plugin particularly suitable for this purpose is HC Custom WP-Admin URL, which allows you to easily change the slug (A slug is a string created from the title of a post, page or category with the purpose of obtaining a portion of a valid URL “ie suitable to constitute a web address”).

A slug consists of some words with tiny letters separated by a hyphen that takes the place of any spaces.

The slugs are used when in Settings>permalink we chose a custom structure for urls of the login panel with one of your choice.

To do this, go to Settings/permalink in the right menu, scroll the page to the bottom, where we will find WP-Admin slug: there we can change our url access to the admin panel.


As you could see making sure a WordPress site is very simple and fast. Just take a few tips and then you can enjoy all the features that WordPress offers.

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