In this article we will see how to scan documents and turn them into PDF on Android for free.

How to Download My Scans on Android for scan documents in PDF

The application in question is called My Scans.

With this application you will be able to scan all the photos you need.

Once scanned one or more photos will be created a document in pdf format that can be:

  • Printed;
  • Shared;
  • Visible and editable;

There are two versions of My scans:

  • Free version
  •  Pro version

The free version offers printing, sharing and scanning services. The only flaw is that a maximum of 4 documents can be stored.

The pro version instead makes available the services of the free version more:

  • Unlimited file storage; 
  • Allows you to take note and highlight on your documents; 
  • Allows you to sign your documents; 
  • Remove advertisements;

You can buy the pro version for only 4,89 Euros

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