Good morning, dear readers of Tecnogalaxy, today we will talk about how to mining cryptocurrency for free via PC and Smartphone. All you will need will be a computer, a mobile phone and an Internet connection, possibly not too dated.

First of all, however, let’s try to understand what mining is without too much twisting words.

Mining: What is it?

Without going too deep into the topic, we can define mining as one of the many processes that contribute to improving blockchain security by individually verifying each transaction that is carried out. Miners, or those who help verify transactions, offer their computing power by making available specific software created specifically for mining operations.

Based on the computing power that you have available, you can check a number of transactions, grabbing the “block reward” assigned by the blockchain, which is a kind of premium that, of course, is in the form of bitcoins, or any other cryptocurrency you’re trying to undermine.

But how do you hack cryptocurrencies for free without having to spend exorbitant amounts on a professional miner?

CryptoTab Browser

One of the simplest and most rewarding methods of undermining cryptocurrency for free is without any doubt to use Cryptotab Browser which, browsing the Internet as you do daily, will help you generate small fractions of Bitcoin that you can deposit directly on your wallets. The browser, of course, will use part of your computer’s CPU to help the blockchain verify transactions. To understand how much power you can offer, just look at the level of H/s (hashrate) on your dashboard, which in our case is about 1500.

In case you are not satisfied with your computing power, you can increase the miner speed by purchasing a boost from the available ones. By clicking on the X1 button, in fact, you will find several cloudboost, which will greatly increase the mining speed without affecting the CPU. There are available the boost X2, X5, X10 and X15, whose prices range from 4.89€/month for the X2 to 69.99€ for the X15.

However, one advice that we can give you if you want to hack cryptocurrency for free without ruining your devices, is to not use Cryptotab from PC. The reason is simple: using part of the CPU, you may experience slowdowns and have some small problems in the long run. After several tests, in fact, we have established that the Cryptotab mobile app is much more efficient.

As you can see in the screen above, in which a simple Xiaomi Redmi 9S was used, the hashrate is 1500 H/s without any paid boost. Simply put, this means that it is possible to undermine 300 to 600 Satoshi daily without moving a finger. It is important, however, to point out that the app requires you to click on the ‘enable mining’ button every two hours, and you may be required to download CT VPN to use the application.

However, once you have downloaded and started the app, you can also circumvent the problem of clicking every 2 hours. If you have an unused cell phone, for example, you can hack cryptocurrency for free in this way.

  • Download Cryptotab from here;
  • Download Autoclicker from here;

Now, open the Autoclicker app and click on the “ENABLE” button (in case you need access to the services, just activate those). You will then find a small side keyboard.

Keeping the tool open, go back to Cryptotab, on which you will set the points where you want to keep the autoclick active.

To do this, click on the “+” button twice, so as to create two new ”buttons” as you see on the screen. Drag both of them, one on the “enable mining” and the other on any point of the screen (the second button is just to avoid any bugs).

Then, click on the play button and you’re done. Now you will have a screen always on thanks to the autoclicker, which will allow you to undermine cryptocurrency for free even at night. This method is recommended not only because the app is much more efficient than the PC version, but also because the electricity consumption is definitely lower.

The only thing you will need to pay attention to will be any CAPTCHA to solve. The developers of Cryptotab, in fact, have recently implemented Captchas to avoid the presence of automatic bots. However, CAPTCHA only pops up 1 or 2 times a day, so you shouldn’t have too many problems.

In addition, as in most apps to undermine bitcoin for free, you can increase your earnings by inviting other people via their own ref link, which can be viewed on their dashboard. The affiliate program runs on 10 levels, viewable below.

Obviously, we don’t promise stratospheric gains. However, almost all of us surf the Internet at least once a day, and finding ourselves with some fraction of Bitcoin at the end of the month can only be a pleasure. Also, by creating your own solid and active network, your earnings could become interesting.

To receive payments, just click on “Withdraw” and paste your Bitcoin address, for example from Coinbase or any other wallet.

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