Do you have an iPhone or iOS device and want to be able to hide photos, videos and important files? This is the guide for you! In this guide, we will see how to hide photos, videos and files on iPhone.

Hide photos, videos and files on iphone for free

The first step is download Pocket Files from the App Store and open it at the end of the download.

At the first opening of the app, you will find 3 folders called Photos, Videos and documents.

Clicking on + you can import Photos and Videos, Create text files, capture a photo etc, so as you can easily guess if you want to hide photos and videos click on the appropriate entry, allow access of the app to your gallery and import the files you want to hide.

At the end of the import, you just have to delete from the Photo app the photos and videos imported into the application and so you have hidden them because they are only visible in the Pocket Files app.

Now you’re wondering, “What’s changed if I just moved my files from one app to the other?”.

The difference lies in the fact that Pocket Files allows you to enter an access password, even with Touch ID and takes a photo to anyone trying to enter the application by the wrong password and so in this way you will always know who is trying to peek into your “Secret archive”.

Set up pocket files security

To set the security of the app just go to the Settings of the app and click on launch passcode. Then click on Turn passcode ON and set the password you prefer.

Among these settings, you can notice the decoy passcode entry. The decoy allows you to set the view of some particle folders visible only when you enter with that password.

Now you finally have your files secure and can consult them at any time by reopening the Pocket Files app. As you could see hiding video photos and files on the iPhone is very simple and fast.

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