How many times have we wondered how to send “secret” files without anyone seeing its contents? Doing this is very simple and today I will explain how to hide files inside an image with few steps.

Hide files inside an image

We go into detail by following these steps:

  • Download and install winrar;
  • We create a folder by calling it “C:\test“;
  • Inside the newly created folder we insert an image with extension “.jpg” (image .jpg).
  • Save the file or files to hide (file.doc);
  • Open a command prompt, if you have Windows 10 in the lower left field (write here to search), type the command cmd;
  • Let’s place ourselves inside the folder we just created by typing c:\test;
How to hide files inside an image

Now let’s see which command to use to hide the file inside our image.

We type the following command:

copy /b “C:\test\immagine.jpg” + “C:\test\archivio.rar” “C:\test\nuovaimmagine.jpg”
How to hide files inside an image

Having taken care to replace the name of your image in JPG format, to archive the name of the generated RAR archive and to re-image the name of the image that will be created.

How to hide files inside an image

To reopen the hidden files just rename the file “New Image.jpg” in “NewImage.rar” and extract the contents. As you’ve seen hiding files inside an image is not very difficult and does not take much time.

This guide has the sole purpose of showing this type of procedure. Make responsible use of what you have learned.

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