Telegram is one of the most famous and advanced messaging apps. It allows you to create bots, channels and groups taking advantage of many useful functions such as the automatic backup of online chats being able to change devices and always retort their chats. Another advantage of Telegram is a very effective multiplataform use, allowing you to manage your conversations from multiple devices without too much difficulty.

This application to work needs to register via a phone number, just like Whatsapp. Sometimes you may need a second Telegram account but you do not have the possibility to create it because you do not have a second telephone number available.

Fortunately there is a way to get a second telephone number for free so you can register another Telegram account. Let’s go see what we can do.

Register a second Telegram Account Free

To get a second phone number for free to manage your second Telegram account download Grooveip for free from your smartphone store.

After downloading the application, click on Get Started and register. When required to prefix, you will need to enter a valid US prefix. To know which are all the prefixes of the United States you can click on this link.

Now you have a new phone number. You then have to go to Telegram and enter the new phone number that gave you the application (as prefix put USA, then +1).

Now you have a new free Telegram account without having your own phone number!

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