In this article, I’ll tell you how to get all kinds of accounts for free. It is not a joke nor one of those guides that are found on the net where in the end you find yourself with viruses on your computer or a page where you can enter the phone number to continue. None of this. In this guide I tell you about how to get all types of accounts for free, in a very simple way, without complications and above all without downloading anything on your PC!

Get all kinds of accounts for free

This procedure is very simple because it is only a question of using access data that are sent to us.

To start you need to install the Telegram application  on your smartphone (it will be the only thing to download). Telegram is a popular messaging app even better than WhatsApp (read Telegram is better than WhatsApp: here’s why). This application allows you to create channels where only administrators can publish. Just as if it were a normal page on Facebook.

Once the app is installed and configured, just click on this link.

You will find the channel that will give you all the accounts you want, for free! Every day they will send the data necessary to access the accounts.about:blank

This data usually consists of simple emails and passwords that are used to log in to the site or app of the service for which that account is intended.

For example, if a Spotify account arrives , just go to the Spotify website or from the app and enter your credentials; Everything will go perfectly!

To ensure that the account remains yours I recommend that you at least change the password as soon as you take possession of it otherwise other people could change it before you and you will find yourself without an account.

Accounts that they send are: Netflix account for free, Spotify free account, key Apple Music, Dazn free, Origin free account, Minecraft free account, Uplay free account, Deezer for free, Tidal free, Steam Key free, key Antivirus free and more!

Premium Account

As mentioned before, these data are sent on their channel which, however, has thousands of subscribers who like you want to grab the accounts sent so you need to be very quick and lucky.

If you want to have accounts only for you, you can buy them through their website . There is also the option to purchase a plan that allows you to generate the accounts you want. The quantities and types of accounts that can be generated depend on the plan that is purchased. It starts from a minimum of € 4.99 up to € 49.99.

You can view the prices and services of each plan via the dedicated page (you must be registered on the site to view it).

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