Installing or uninstalling programs with Windows will have happened to find during the procedure, errors called 2502 and 2503.

In this guide we will see how to avoid problems in installing or uninstalling programs.

How to fix 2502 and 2503 error

Solving the problem of uninstalling

  • To start pressing simultaneously on the keyboard the key with the Windows icon + the letter R;
  • Type inside the window that opened “C:Windows Installer” and click on “OK“;
  • Now open Windows Explorer and right click;
  • From the menu that opens, move to “View” and click on “Details“;
  • Repeat the same operation. Then right-click inside Windows Explorer and go to “Sort by” and click on “Size“. Then click on the last item of the menu, that is “Other… “;
  • Here you have to check as in the picture and then click OK:

Now you have to find the file to uninstall with extension “.msi“. To understand what the file is, just look in the “object” column and find the object of the file that you need to uninstall. For example, for iTunes in “object” it says “iTunes installer“.

Once you find the file you need to open the Command Prompt as an Administrator. Write “C:Windows Installer” followed by the name of the file you found in the previous step.

Fix installation and uninstalling problem

  • To start pressing the keys : Ctrl+Alt+Del and click on “Task Management”.
  • Click the bottom left on “More details” and if it is open “Explore Resources” close it by selecting it and clicking the bottom right on “Finish Task“;
  • Click on “File” and from the submenu that opens click on “Run new task” and write “explorer.exe” in the window that opens;
  • Check “Create tasks with administrative privileges” and then click “OK“;

After that the problem is fixed and then you can try again to start the installation or uninstall file without resuming the 2502 and 2503 errors.

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