Dear readers of Tecnogalaxy, in this article we will see how to earn money from home with Dropshipping.

Nowadays earning money from home is possible through many methods, but many times not everyone can really make you earn.

Some sites ask you to invest money online to receive more revenue, but sometimes it is a scam or a very difficult method.

Fortunately, there is a business called “Dropshipping” that allows you to earn by investing little money.

What is this about?

Earning money with Dropshipping is a very well known method by those who want to earn easily. It’s about creating an online store and selling products without possessing them.

This is possible thanks to Aliexpress, because we will only buy the product in Aliexpress at a very low price when we receive the order from the customer.

To do all this there is a platform called “Shopify” that makes it very easy for us to work thanks to the applications and stores already created.

How does Shopify work?

The Shopify platform makes our work much easier thanks to its services. we can completely manage the site from a single platform without accessing other sites.

To create the store just choose your favorite theme from those already preset from a wide list and enter the products to sell.

Even to insert and sell the products Shopify helps us, in fact you can insert and sell the products with a few clicks.

All this makes the job much lighter and less stressful.

Pros and Cons

In every business unfortunately there are Pros and Cons. Let’s go and see together:


  • Easy and fast store creation;
  • High earnings;
  • Personal management;
  • Light work;
  • Little investment;
  • Fast payouts;


  • Risk of failure;
  • Necessary knowledge;
  • Competition;

These are the pros and cons of Dropshipping, but it all depends on you.

I recommend, study what you will do and everything will be fine. Good job!

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