In this article we will see how to download Office 2019 for free on Mac with the possibility of doing all the updates. This way we can have the latest version of Office 2019 for free on our Mac (read the guide for Windows).

The procedure will be very simple to perform and I will guide you step by step.

Microsoft Office is a suite of productivity software. In Office we find very famous software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, OneNote, OneDrive etc.

This is a suite therefore useful for anyone working with the PC as it includes various tools ranging from email management with Outlook to database management with Access.

In the latest version has been added support for vocal dictation, complete support for dark mode, the ability to translate your documents, support for touch pens and many other things that you can discover from the official website.

In this guide we will see how to download the latest version of Office 2019 for free on Mac but first we see a legal solution at a reduced cost.

Download Office 2019 for free on Mac

The first step to download Office 2019 for free for Mac is to click on this link that will make us download Office 2019 for Mac directly from the official website.

The download will take a few minutes depending on your connection.

After completing the download of Office for Mac open the file Microsoft_Office_16.17.18090901_Installer.pkg and proceed as follows:

  • In the first installation screen, select Continue to begin the installation process;
  • Accept the software license agreement by clicking on Continue;
  • Select Agree to accept the terms of the software license agreement.
  • Click on Continue;
  • Choose the installation disc and click on Install;
  • If you want to install only software specific to the suite, click on Ad Hoc at the bottom left and check only the software that interests you;
  • Enter the login password and finally click on Install software;

The installation of Office 2019 will begin and will last 3/4 minutes.

At the end of the installation click on Close and going to Applications you will find all the programs of the Office 2019 package!

The installed version is not the latest version available. To install the latest available version of Office 2019 just download the updates but we will do it later.

Now let’s see how to activate Office 2019 for free on Mac.

Activate Office 2019 on Mac legally

Office 2019 has a cost on the official website of € 300 but now we are going to see how to have it legally at a low price.

It’s possible to have Office 2019 on Mac at such a low price on Amazon.

To purchase it, just search the product you want and then proceed with the purchase.

After a few minutes you will be sent the license key and the link to download Office 2019.

This is the recommended method as you can legally have Office 2019 on Mac at a paltry price.

If you want to have Office 2019 on Mac completely free you can request it on our Telegram group.

Update Office 2019 on Mac

To update all the products of the Office 2019 suite on Mac you need to start Microsoft AutoUpdate .

If you can’t find it by looking for it in the search bar at the top right you can open the Office update program in the following way:

  • Open any program in the suite;
  • From the system menu bar click on ? ;
  • Now select Check for updates ;

Now that you have opened Microsoft AutoUpdate the software will automatically check for updates. After the updates have been found click on Update All .

Wait for the download of the updates to complete and finally you will have Office 2019 updated to the latest version available on Mac.

Now let’s check that the software has remained activated by opening any program in the suite. Then click on the name of the program in the menu bar at the top left and then on About Microsoft programname .

If you exit the Volume Licensing Agreement 2019 it means that everything is activated correctly.

As you have seen, downloading, activating and updating Office 2019 on Mac was very simple.

You now have the latest version of:

  • Word 2019 for free;
  • Excel2019 free;
  • PowerPoint 2019 for free:
  • Outlook 2019 for free;
  • OneNote 2019 free:
  • OneDrive 2019 free;

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