In this article we will see how to download MalwareBytes for free. Do you want to clean your PC of malware, ransomware and various worms or do you simply want to keep your PC under control? Then MalwareBytes is the software for you.

Protecting yourself from the threats that run on the net is increasingly important and for this reason the need to have a good anti malware is felt.

In the last article we saw which is the best antivirus for Windows 10 and MalwareBytes was recommended as an antivirus supplement.

MalwareBytes allows you to perform a complete analysis of your PC and then eliminates any malware found. All this, however, if you have the premium license, otherwise it will only scan for malware and allow you to delete only a few. For this reason, in the next paragraphs we will go to see how to get MalwareBytes Premium for free.

Download MalwareBytes for free

The first thing for download MalwareBytes for free is download it from the official website by clicking on Free Download.

After downloading the file you will find the installation file of MalwareBytes (malwarebytes.exe on Windows and Malwarebytes.pkg on Mac).

Launch the installation file and proceed with the very simple installation wizard.

Now you have finished installing MalwareBytes for free on your PC.

You can choose to activate the Premium version of the program for a limited trial period.

In the meantime, you can clean your PC for free during the trial period. Meanwhile, you can also appreciate the fantastic work that this software does.

To perform a full scan of your PC by clicking on the Scan button. In the settings you can set all types of protection as you prefer.

Afterwards, when the trial period is over you will have to choose whether to buy the Premium version or use the limited version, that is the Free version.

With the Free version, you can still clean your computer of malware. The limitations compared to the Premium version are automatic updates and real-time protection.

Currently MalwareBytes Premium has a cost of €39.99 per year for a single PC but you save a lot by going to buy it for multiple devices.

After the trial period you can be able to assess whether the protection of your PC’s health implemented in an amazing way by MalwareBytes Premium is worth the cost proposed by MalwareBytes.

As you have seen, protecting your PC from malware is very simple and fast with MalwareBytes.

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