If you have a Mac and want to improve its performance or clean it from unnecessary files that burden your system then Cleanmymac is the program for you. This is one of the most used software to keep Macs always at the top of performance.

In this article we will go to see how to download Cleanmymac for free.

Download CleanMyMac for Free

The method I mainly recommend is the legal one. In fact you can have Cleanmymac free from the official website with a free trial.

To download it just go to the official website and click on Free Download. It will make you enter your email and then you will have Cleanmymac for free for a period of time. If you then decide to purchase it there are various purchase options according to your needs. You can consult the purchase page of the product through this link.

Now let’s see an alternative method to get Cleanmymac for free.

First step

The first step to download Cleanmymac for free is to go to this link. Through this page you can download the latest version of Cleanmymac.

At the end of the download open the file Cleanmymac_x_4.7.2_[TNT]. dmg just downloaded and a window will open inside the icon of a castle.

Double-click on that icon and then authorize opening by clicking Open.

Now a Terminal window has opened. Click inside the Terminal and press Enter.

After a few moments a new window will open that contains the program.

Now you just have to drag the Cleanmymac icon into the Applications folder as it is illustrated by the arrow in the window.

Wait a few seconds to complete the file transfer and finally you will have Cleanmymac for free.

Now you can start using the application normally and then optimize the performance of your Mac thanks to one of the best dedicated software!


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