In this guide we will treat what is perhaps for many users the most desired topic. We are going to talk about how we can create ourselves cracks that will allow us to make all the programs work. There are two bigger ways to make crack for any program.

In this article I will explain the first and in the next I will explain how to do it using the second.

Creating crack for any program

To crack a program you have to try to bypass the control of the license code. This is usually controlled via the internet or must be valid according to some algorithms of the software.

Creating crack: method 1

The first method I’m talking about is very technical but at the same time very effective.

Before you start trying to figure out how to create the crack you need to know what is written when the program rejects the inserted license code. For example, if it says “Sorry, wrong license code” remember this text because it will serve you later in the guide.

Software downloads required

  • To get started you need the executable file (.exe) of the program you want to crack and you have to download the Ollydbg program that you can find at this link;
  • After downloading Ollydbg you have to extract it using a program like Winrar that you can download from this link;
  • Now start the OLLYDBG.EXE file and click on Open in the upper left corner;
  • From the window that opened select the .exe file of the program you want to crack;
  • Now you have to figure out which is the instruction that controls the password. To do this, right-click in the first Olly window and go to Search for > All referenced text string;
  • In the window that opens click again the right mouse button, click on Search for text and search for the word “key” (or the one that appeared in the incorrect license code message) among all the instructions that contain text in the examined program;
  • After finding the text line of the error message, double-click the mouse on the string found and you will be directed to the assembly instruction that generates that message;
  • You will notice that before such instruction there is a JNZ SHORT (jumps if different from zero), just the one that in case of correct insertion of the serial number makes to overcome the security system;
  • Replace JNZ with JMP, so that the program always skips password control;
  • End with a right click by going to Copy to executable > All modifications to save changes;

Well, now the crack of the program has been realized!

There is also another method that allows you to create cracks for programs. I’ll talk about it in the next article.

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