Dear readers of Tecnogalaxy, today we will talk about passwords and specifically we will see how to make them safe since we use them every day.

How many times have we wondered how do I make my passwords secure?

As we know nowadays to have a secure password is the abc for a correct navigation on various websites.

Everyone at least once happened to create a password that contained our date of birth, our name or that of loved ones, “these passwords are at very high risk because easily identifiable by cyber criminals.”

Obviously the use of common or short passwords, puts at risk the safety of our data by facilitating the work of password cracking cyber criminals.

In some previous articles we talked about that 225 million passwords have been published on the darkweb, (maybe in that number there are also yours).

For this reason many online sites put some rules that must be respected when creating passwords, such as the use of uppercase, lowercase, special characters, numbers etc…

To create strong passwords, we are fortunately met by sites specialized in this.

But what techniques are used to steal passwords?

The development of technology as we know is constantly improving, cyber criminals use increasingly advanced techniques to be able to steal user data and passwords, we see the most common techniques:


We have written several articles on this technique, which remains old though the most used, certainly the procedures have changed and improved but the technique remains the same.

Very common scam on the web, exploits email, SMS or whatsapp messages, phone calls, cyber criminals will try to get your data by pretending to be a site or organization obviously fake.

Brute Force with more common password

As described above, cyber criminals will make attempts to login to your account with a list of most common passwords, if you use passwords such as the first name, numbers such as 0123456, I advise you to change them immediately.

A password for multiple accounts

If you think about it once the cybercriminals have managed to get into your account, and you use the same password on other sites, as you already know they will not hesitate to try that combination for all your accounts on the internet.

Using personal information found on social media

Another technique used is to analyze and exploit the information you share on social networks, if you are passionate about football maybe the password you have chosen is the name of your favorite team.

Let’s see what procedure to use to create strong passwords:

First check the length

The result of many tests is that a password must be at least 8 characters to be strong.

Common passwords

Nooo….. avoid using common passwords, such as the famous 0123456, but also your name or date of birth.

Special characters

If we then add to the length, the use also of special characters such as &, %, $ the password with these features will be very difficult to guess.

Avoid using the same characters several times

Also thanks to tests and analysis carried out in recent years, it is common to create passwords containing the same characters repeated several times such as: 11223344.

Unusual combinations of words

Another effective technique to use is to use a combination of words that apparently have no sense or connection between them, such as calciofinestramacchina

If you use these “basic” rules to create a strong and secure password, you will make life difficult for cybercriminals.

Also remember to change your password regularly, this will raise the bar on your security.

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