In this article we will see how to create a partition on Windows and Mac without downloading any program.

Creating a partition means dividing the disk by creating a space that is independent from the others. In this partition you can install a second Operating System or files can simply be saved.

Partitioning a disk is not difficult and does not even take long.

You will see that by following the guide step by step you will be able to partition a disk easily on both Windows and Mac.

Let’s start with the guide seeing first how to create a partition on Windows and then on Mac.

How to create a partition on Windows

For learn how to create a partition follow next steps:

  • Use the search function and type: “Create and format partitions of the hard disk”;
  • The window that opens will show all the mass devices connected to the PC and all their partitions;
  • Locate the disk to partition, right-click on the partition to reduce and click on Reduce Volume;
  • In the window that opens specifies in the third field the size of the new partition (in MB) and click on Reduce;

You have to wait a moment for the creation of the partition.

Assign a letter to the partition

If you want to use the new partition to store data you have to assign a letter to it to be able to see it in Windows Explorer.

For this click with the right mouse button on the new partition and click on Change letter and drive path.

From the window that opens click on Add, choose the letter to assign to the partition and finally click OK.

Now you can start using your new partition as an independent disk.

If you want to use the new partition to install a second operating system, you can also not assign any letters.

How to partition a disk on Mac

To create a partition on Mac we will use the integrated tool in all the latest versions of macos for disk management, Utility Disk.

For do this follow this steps:

  • Open Disk Utility;
  • Choose the disk drive by positioning yourself on the root of the disk and click on partition;
  • Click the + button, choose the size of the new partition, name and format. Finally click Apply.

The process is finished, you have finally created a partition.

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