Do you have a website and would like to choose the right Web Hosting to host your files and databases? The choice can be very difficult given the many alternatives on the market. In this article we will see the various factors to consider when choosing a right Web Hosting.

Dedicated Hosting vs. Shared Hosting

Let’s start by saying that there are various types of hosting solutions. This is because there are various types of uses that can be made of a web hosting.

We have Dedicated Hosting and Shared Hosting . Let’s see the differences.

Dedicated hosting

The Dedicated Hosting are designed for advanced use, that is much more than a simple website hosting. On this server you can perform various operations and you will have the server at your complete disposal.

Obviously the prices for this solution are very high compared to the Shared Hosting which we will discuss in the next paragraphs.

The hardware is configurable according to your needs and the rental prices therefore vary according to the hardware configuration. For a good Dedicated Hosting you easily exceed 100 euros per month.

Shared Hosting

This is probably the most popular choice for those who do not have too many claims from a Web Hosting. A Shared Hosting is a server that is used by more people. Obviously everyone has their own reserved space where they can upload their files.

This solution is very economical and hardly exceeds 10 euros per month (if not for advanced services).

A shared hosting can be fine to host a website with WordPress installed on it.

The characteristics that a Web Hosting must have

After seeing the differences between a Dedicated Hosting and a Shared Hosting we can now see the features to look for in a Web Hosting before buying it.


The first factor to consider is precisely this. Many companies offer hosting services at competitive prices but how many guarantee excellent performance? So make sure you have an SSD as storage in your Hosting plan. This will allow you to have good performance in writing and reading data.

Other factors to consider for a performing Hosting are the location of the Data Center, the use of CDN and a good server side cache system.


It may seem obvious but it is important that hosting guarantees you an Uptime as close to 100% as possible. The uptime, often indicated with a percentage, indicates the time in which your site is always reachable. This factor is very important. You don’t want your site to be unreachable for users for a few hours. A good Hosting should guarantee an uptime of about 99.99%.


Good assistance is one of the characteristics that Hosting must have. You must be able to feel confident that at any time you can contact a support member who can quickly resolve your hosting problems. The most important Hosting services provide 24/7 Live Chat capable of solving your problems in a few minutes.


The security is what a professional web hosting must guarantee to be able to sleep soundly. There are various ways in which a Hosting service can guarantee security.

The protection against DDoS attacks is one of them. Among the other security measures that a good Hosting must take is the daily backup. This can ensure that you always have an intact copy of all your data even in the event of a problem.

Finally we have the SSL certificate . In recent years it is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, before purchasing a Web Hosting service, make sure that the Provider guarantees you an SSL certificate for free.

Features for WordPress Web Hosting

We have seen the characteristics that a good Wen Hosting must have but for WordPress there is something particular that a Hosting must have?

The answer is YES but it is nothing that a good Hosting has not already integrated. In fact, WordPress requires a MySQL database to work. So make sure that at least one database is included in your hosting plan.

Usually providers offer solutions specifically dedicated to WordPress with advanced features such as auto installation, automatic updates and a WordPress Plugin that allows you to improve certain aspects such as site performance and cache management.

Which Web Hosting I recommend

After seeing the characteristics that a good Web Hosting must have, now I propose the hosting that in my opinion is the best.

I’m talking about SiteGround. You have certainly heard of it. This hosting service has just everything I told you about in this article.

Prices for a Shared Hosting plan start at $0.33/month up to $11.95/month. The prices are not high for the features they offer. You can see all the services included on the dedicated page.

For the coronavirus Siteground has implemented a very interesting campaign that allows you to have 3 months for only 0.99$.

An exceptional price to launch your online business!

How to choose the right Web Hosting for a website 1

There are also other valid solutions besides Siteground but no other solution manages to give the same services at such a low price so Siteground is currently the best choice.

It is no coincidence that it hosts more than 2,000,000 domains .

Don’t think twice and buy a hosting plan at a single price on Siteground!

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