Changing IP address on Windows is not hard to do. You can do it following this guide.

When your computer or any device connects to a network, the network assigns an address that allows you to be “identified” in a physical zone.

If you want to change IP address for navigate in anonymous you can do it.

The process is very simple and does not require any advanced knowledge, you just download a program, continue reading to find out what I’m talking about!

To change the IP address go to this site and click on download at the center.

Once downloaded you won’t have to install any program, you just have to start the .exe.

As you can see the window is very intuitive, at the bottom of the center choose the country where you want ”to transfer you”, click on ”connection”, just done will open a window of your default browser file, you’ll see a similar screen.

From now on you will navigate with a different IP address, thus remaining anonymous.

Please note: from the moment you have activated the connection, the program must be opened!

The guide on how to change IP address is over, I hope it was enough, if you have any questions or doubts write it below in the comments!

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