Dear readers of Tecnogalaxy, today we will talk about a scam that is shooting these days on Whatsapp, obviously the goal of cyber criminals is always the same, to take possession of the victim’s account, this scam does not initially use technical stratagems but uses social engineering, (social engineering, in the field of computer security, is the study of a person’s behavior in order to gather useful information. It is used primarily by hackers to discover passwords, breach computer systems and obtain important personal data of an individual).


We can say that it is a very clever scam because in the eyes of the poor victims it appears invisible.

The cyber criminals to take possession of the poor victim’s account exploit a series of codes, which enable the forwarding of calls and texts in case of busy line.

The cyber criminal contacts the victim by phone, and using the social engineering technique, convinces the poor victim to type **67* or *405*, followed by their phone number. Let’s remember they’re professionals, before they complete the scam, they’ll have done targeted research on the victim to get her to enter those codes.

As soon as the number is dialed, the poor victim’s account is disconnected and the cyber criminal then has full access to the phone for about seven days.


Once the access of whatsapp messages is acquired, the cyber criminal begins to ask for money from the victims’ contacts. Usually cyber criminals to contacts talk about overpriced expenses that require financial help… usually the targets are in most of the scams older people who are more likely to believe this type of scams.

AND TO DEFEND themselves?

As we know whatsapp is one of the most used messaging apps and obviously being the most used the risks of scams are high.

In case you fell the first option to defend us is to restore your account immediately, just enter your phone number in the application so you receive another security code.

The second option (the most important) to protect yourself is to set a code (pin) on whatsapp and as mentioned in previous articles, enable two-step verification.

Nowadays you have to try to raise the bar more and more security, installing a good antivirus, always update the operating system of your device, do not download, click or open files if you are not sure of the origin, always keep informed.

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