Have you ever wondered what it is, what it is for and how a VPN can protect your digital life?

In this article, you’ll find a lot of information about the virtual private network, which will help you understand what it is, the importance of such a service in your daily life and how it could help improve your life on the web.

A VPN to protect your digital life

Today, the world travels fast and by the bit, which is why we are all hyper-connected and, increasingly, digitally distracted. The reason for this is that we don’t give proper weight to our privacy, and if we end up in the wrong places, this can lead to a serious problem.

That’s where VPN comes in, capable of protecting your online identity and preserving your anonymity, as well as showing you email alerts in case someone wants to hack your passwords and much more that we’ll tell you about in the next few lines.

What is a VPN

If you don’t already know, a VPN, also called “virtual private network”, is a particular service that allows you to surf the web and take advantage of all the various activities that take advantage of a network connection (both mobile and Wi-Fi) in a “private” mode, as well as offering you the possibility of changing the position of your device in the eyes of the sites on which you surf.

For example, if you’re used to using various streaming services (such as Netflix or PrimeVideo), with a VPN you can change the “virtual” location to your device (although you’re in Italy, you can locate yourself in the United States or England) to watch TV series and movies in preview. Or, if you are about to make a trip to China, the VPN will allow you to virtually locate yourself in your home country (or any European country) and access all those services that in the Asian continent have been blocked (such as Google, Telegram, WhatsApp etc.).

In addition, VPN can protect your digital life, providing you with a certain level of privacy and anonymity when using a network connection.

Smart working

Due to the many benefits it offers, VPN is widely used in the business environment and can be seen as an extension of a company’s private local area network (LAN), allowing multiple devices to be securely connected to each other despite being in different geographic areas.

Using a VPN for smart working is a must: if you work for a company from home with a company computer and you often interact with your colleagues, who always work for the same company from their home, using internal services (such as software) to exchange files and data, you will definitely be using a VPN.

Statistics from Statista, confirm the increase in the use of VPNs, which is growing week by week, due to COVID-19 and smart working.

The reason for this is that it allows a certain level of security and prevents the information that is exchanged internally within the company you work for, from being hacked or getting into the wrong hands.

How a VPN works

Put in very simple terms, a VPN is an effective method of making a secure connection between the device you are surfing from and a virtual private network server located somewhere in the world.

To browse, watch content and download data, your device uses the server’s internet connection instead of your own to protect your identity.

This means that if you want to go to YouTube to watch a video, instead of telling the website your address (which specifies who you are on the network), it shows the VPN’s address to protect your digital life and your most sensitive data. This “magic” comes in very handy in a number of situations and, indeed, defends you from cyber attacks.

The advantages of a VPN in protecting your digital life

As you might have guessed, a VPN is capable of protecting your digital life and offers numerous benefits, among the main ones we find:

  • You can bypass geographic blocks: as we have mentioned in the first lines, although you are in China you can pretend to be in Spain, Germany or Italy, taking advantage of all those services that are not present in China;
  • Surf and download content from the web in total anonymity, so no one will know what you are looking for or watching;
  • You can bypass firewalls: this means that if you connect to a public network (such as the University network), you may have difficulty performing certain operations (for example, you can’t download files from Torrent or other). Thanks to VPN you can get around this problem and download whatever you want;
  • Establish a secure internet connection, avoiding the hacking of sensitive data inside your devices (a very common phenomenon when connecting to a public network);
  • You can watch movies and TV series in the various digital streaming platforms and that are not yet present in your country;
  • Avoid Throttling by IPS so you can browse heavy media content (like videos) quickly and smoothly.

Besides, thanks to its versatility, you can take advantage of the same VPN on the main systems, namely: iOS (Apple’s mobile operating system), macOS (Apple‘s desktop operating system), Android, Windows and smart TV.

In Conclusion

Now that you know the importance of a virtual private network, you just have to try it out! A VPN can not only protect your digital life, but it offers numerous advantages that, once you’ve tried it, you’ll find it hard to give up.

If you have a truly digital soul and you are looking for protection for your data and your privacy, we can only recommend something else!

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