Good morning dear readers of Tecnogalaxy, today we will talk about the evolution of Google, which wants to become more like TikTok.

Google announced that it is renewing Google’s traditional search experience to allow users to explore information more naturally. To this end, the company is introducing a number of new features, including tools to delve into topics and other changes that will make using research a more visual experience, highlighting fragments of maps, images and even videos in new ways.

The update follows Google’s disclosure earlier this year of an internal search that indicated that young people had started to turn to other services, such as TikTok and Instagram, instead of Google to start their web searches. The changes he is now introducing show that he has taken inspiration from the way younger people use the Web, preferring easily accessible and visual content.

To get started, a new feature will introduce links to some useful Google tools directly into the Google app’s home screen, below the search box. Here, users will be presented with buttons that allow users to perform quick actions to perform operations such as translating text using the camera, solving a math problem, identifying music for example.

These buttons don’t necessarily link to new features, but to Google services that may not be as well known as they might be because they haven’t necessarily been well highlighted in the past.

Another change will improve Google’s search refinement tools for text-based queries by expanding the existing list of autocomplete suggestions to provide buttons under the search box that can help you deepen various secondary topics during the search.


However, the biggest change coming in Google Search is the way it will present information to users for some of its search results. Although he is not abandoning the link list, he is giving his informative boxes known as “Knowledge Boxes” a visual makeover.

Here, Google will extract a variety of information from various sources and in a range of formats.

If you are looking for a place, for example, you might find photos, a small map showing its location, directions, weather and even short videos. These are not presented as a list of links or in a text, but rather in colorful tab-style blocks interspersed with multimedia content and images.

“This is based on our launches over the past year with the introduction of these truly flippable visual-first results and continuous scrolling on mobile devices,” said Search vice president and GM Cathy Edwards in a briefing before today’s event.

In some cases, these visual search results will highlight content from YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, says Google.

The tech giant has long thought about how best to show creator content in Google search results. In 2020, he began experimenting with a feature that aggregated short-form videos from TikTok and Instagram into his own carousel in the Google app. The following year, he reported that he was looking for search agreements with Instagram and TikTok that would enable him to get the data needed to index and rank videos.

The company today is minimizing any specific agreements it might have, however, noting that TikTok’s content is all indexable on the public web, which means, at least for now, Google can access it and present it as it sees fit. YouTube Shorts content will also be indexed in the same way, he added.

“We index content and return it when we feel it is relevant to user results. And we will continue to do so,” said Edwards.

However, this visual update will not affect all Google Search results. Instead, it will begin to appear in search result pages where the visual format would be more useful, such as travel searches, Google said.

The updated Google Search experience was one of the many changes announced by the company at its Search On event, focusing on improvements to various Google products such as Search, Maps, Translator, Shopping and more.

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