We are now conventionally all anchored to what are the Google services, already present on any Android smartphone (with a few exceptions), which have been able to generate a well-thought common to them. What we will analyze, however, will be the reliability of the reviews of the most used app store in the world: the Google Play Store.

The system on which an app’s approval ratio is based is entirely entrusted to users, who on a scale of 1 to 5 can express their assessment.

Play Store and the Tiktok case

It’s a few hours news that could undermine the integrity of the reviews of the said store: Google is deleting negative reviews made to the social of the moment, Tiktok (owned by the Chinese company Bytedance).

Google Play Store Reviews: The TikTok Case 1
TikTok, the social of the moment

The evaluation of the application on the Play Store was, with 27 million reviews, downhill to 1 star out of 5, over time the number of reviews is decreasing: from 27 to 24 million until reaching the current 22, inversely the score in stars is increasing, coming up to 1.5.

What really worries, despite the uniqueness of the event, is the future relationship that the great G will have with user reviews, so far fundamental. It often happens, with the same services offered by an app, to choose the one with the best reviews, the news goes therefore to instill a doubt not by little on what could be the influence of Google on all those apps placed in the foreground by the excellent votes received by the users.

In short, we will wait to understand hoIn short, we will wait to understand how the whole will evolve, especially how much and if it will change the now consolidated binomial review-reviewer.

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