Nowadays the most used device is certainly the smartphone. Turning on the market we find many models of smartphones and it often becomes difficult to choose which one to buy. In addition to smartphones Apple, Samsung, Huawei etc. There are also smartphones produced by Google, called “Google Pixel“. A few months ago the long-awaited Google Pixel 4 was launched which has been very successful thanks to its features. Today, however, we’re going to talk about the next Google smartphone, the Google Pixel 5.

Unfortunately, it is still early to speak with certainty, but let’s see together the most important features based on the information we have obtained.

Google Pixel 5 rumors

Google Pixel 5 features

Considering that Google launched the previous model in October 2019, the Google Pixel 5 will most likely also be available in the same month, but it is still not certain.


It is rumored that the new Google smartphone will consist of a display greater than 6 ″, given that the previous model has a 5.7 ″ display. For those used to larger displays there will be the Google Pixel 5 XL which will have much larger dimensions.

Google Pixel 5 rumors


Most likely the battery of the Google Pixel 5 will be at least 4000 mAh, slightly exceeding that of the previous Google Pixel 4 XL.

Google will certainly pay close attention to the autonomy of the Pixel 5 after receiving many complaints about the poor capacity of the Pixel 4.


As for the camera there is still no information about it, but it will certainly be high quality as early as Pixels 4 are a rear camera of 12 MP while the front of 8 MP.

Most likely, the Google Pixel 5 will also mount an ultra wide angle like the latest top of the range smartphones, but this will be all to be discovered in the coming months.

Google Pixel 5 rumors


On the previous Pixel 4 we find facial recognition as an unlocking method, but not everyone appreciates this feature. For the Pixel 5 we talk about facial recognition and fingerprint reader, on the back or in the screen.

Also as regards the facial recognition there have been many complaints, both for the Google Pixel 4 and for other smartphones. Many people do not accept having to fix the front camera to unlock their smartphone (Apple fixed this problem with iPhone SE 2020). It is therefore hoped to find two different unlocking methods for the Pixel 5.


The design of the Pixel 4 had great success especially with regard to the rear shell in opaque glass, very beautiful and colorful. For the Google Pixel 5 there is still no information, but it is hoped that it will be like the 4. The camera collected in a single square has also been very appreciated.


Surely Google will raise the exit price to around € 800, but it could also cost € 1000. On the safe side, we say that the price is between € 800-1000.

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