Hello dear readers of Tecnogalaxy, today we will talk about Google Maps that has in plan for this 2021 a revolutionary update.

Google these days is announcing a series of new features planned for Google Maps. Let’s see the most important and interesting including a new tool to help with inland navigation and tips for ecological driving routes (to pollute less). However, the features announced today are not implemented all at once and immediately; many are not yet available and it is unclear when some will be available in some parts of the world.

What’s new in Google Maps

One of the biggest ads is that Google is bringing its cues into augmented reality. Live View to airports, public transport stations and shopping malls.

The Live View directions allow you to keep your phone up, point your camera to the world around you and see arrows and icons that tell you where to go and previously only worked outdoors.

Unfortunately, however, these AR guidelines for interiors have not yet been implemented very widely: they are only available in some shopping malls in Chicago, Long Island, Los Angeles, Newark, San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle at this time. However, in the coming months Google will launch road signs in Live View for indoor in public transport stations, selected airports and shopping malls in Tokyo and Zurich and other cities are “coming,” says the company.

Google is also planning to renew the interface to choose the mode of transport for road directions on Android and iOS. Right now, you have to switch from one tab to another to see more details about the different shipping options, but with this new interface, you just need to scroll through a list. The company says that Maps will even be able to prioritize the modes you prefer and put those that are popular in some cities (the New York City subway, for example) higher on the list. This new interface will be implemented globally in the coming months.

News focused on ecology

In addition to the road guidance interface, Google adds a new type of driving route optimized to reduce fuel consumption. If the ecological route has about the same ETA as the fastest route to a location, Google Maps will use the low-fuel route by default, although you can change it in the settings if you wish. Google plans to make these new low-fuel routes available on Android and iOS for now in the United States by the end of the year and around the world at an unspecified time in the future.

Low-power routes are not the only eco-friendly updates for Maps: Google also plans to introduce alerts that will tell you when you will be sailing through low-emission areas, which do not allow some vehicles with certain levels of emissions to enter. Google says these alerts will be launched in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK on Android and iOS in June. According to Google, more countries will receive alerts soon.

Google is also creating new levels of maps for weather and air quality that should be implemented in the coming months on Android and iOS. The home of Mountain View plans to launch the weather level globally and launch the air quality level first in Australia, India and the United States.

Google also plans to experiment with an additional new tool for food pickup, this summer with selected locations in Portland, Oregon, for grocery stores only owned by Kroger, Fred Meyer. The tool allows you to share your location and estimated arrival time with the store via Google Maps so that your food order can be ready on your arrival.

That’s it, to a next article.

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