With the times that run, Google has decided to implement in Google Maps a function of vital importance: it will track what were the “shifts” of the virus. This utility will arrive in several countries (USA, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Israel). This utility will be available in a few weeks on both Android and iOS.

How Google Maps helps fight the Covid-19

Let’s see more specifically how it will work. At the moment the main features are two:

  • Alert notification in case of trespassing – An additional feature, which in the United States would be more important, will be to alert the user in case he should trespass in other countries, where restrictions for Covid-19 may vary from the starting point. If we want to expand the discussion on our peninsula, it would be useful in the event that unfortunately some regions were to be closed again.
Google Maps - Covid-19 tracking 1
  • Tracking of positive cases on public transport – When we decide to move by public transport, if a certain route is traveled by a person positive to the virus, the application will warn us of its transit occurred advising us, where possible, alternative routes. This novelty does not only include America. In Europe, for example, the countries where tracking will take place are France, Spain, the United Kingdom and Belgium.

It’s all basic information to know. The help that the big G is giving to the nations affected by this update is remarkable, could with a few simple notifications be an excellent method of prevention.

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