For all lovers of the first social network and who still leave it open in the background on the desktop in the hope of obtaining ten minutes of tranquility between one work session and another, here is news for you: in a few weeks Facebook’s desktop interface will be renewed.

Facebook - The new graphical interface

New Facebook graphic interface

In October 2019, the Zuckerberg company started sharing the beta with only very few people. Since the beginning of the 2020, Facebook has increased exponentially the percentage allowing users the ability to enable the new settings.

In fact, the announcement of a few days is that anyone will be allowed to do so in a few weeks.

The main changes are:

  • Dark mode – Facebook has finally implemented the “dark mode”, now most applications allow this setting. We are surprised, in fact, that it did not arrive earlier. It will be possible to enable it directly from the settings menu.
  • Simplification of navigation between the sections of the bulletin board – Facebook is no longer simply a “square” in which to share thoughts. Among the groups, the pages, the video section and the shop, it has now become a handyman site. With the new graphics it is closer to what is the smartphone application, with a main bar that allows you to move between the various sectors.
  • Adaptability to the size of the windows – using the split-screen mode of Windows 10 there will be less complications in the display of the bulletin board thanks to the adaptability of the new interface.
Facebook - The new graphical interface

It should be remembered that like all the new designs, the early days could not reach very high resolutions. However, this problem is only found by those who own 4k screens.

To conclude, it is a must to externalize the pleasure of this innovation. Let us know if for you this update will give new life to a social media now submerged by discontent but that has known how to make itself loved at the dawn of the World Wide Web.

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