Are you looking for professional music production software? Then FL Studio 20 is right for you. This software is used by many professionals in the music field because of its many functions for music production. In this article we will see the details of the software and then we will see how to download FL Studio 20 Producer Edition for free.

FL Studio allows you to produce songs in various MIDI, WAV, AIFF and other formats. The software house that produces and distributes this software is Image-Line, a company that has established itself in the music sector with FL Studio for more than 20 years.

The last version produced before FL Studio 20 was the FL Studio 12 version. This latest version was created in homage to the 20 years since the release of the first version of the software.


How to download FL Studio 20 for free on Windows and Mac 1

FL Studio 20 versions

The Image-Line offers various versions of the same software for sale in order to satisfy various types of users.

The basic version is the Fruity Edition and is designed for those who have a first approach to software and do not make extensive use of it. With this version it is possible to create melody and create music using loops. The Fruity Edition version has a cost of 89 euros.

A slightly more advanced version than the basic one is the Producer Edition and in addition to the functions integrated in the basic version it also allows you to record voices and instruments with the microphone. This version has a cost of 189 euros.

We can also find the Signature Bundle version that contains everything you need to create songs using effects, external and internal synthesizers as well as all the functions of the previous versions. The Signature Edition costs €289.

The latest version available is the most complete and is the All plugins Bundle which includes the complete software together with all the various Image-Line products. This version costs 826 euros.

As you have seen, you can choose the version that best suits your needs, therefore without having to pay for functions that you do not even use and you can then win the software for a reduced price according to your needs.

You can compare all 4 versions by seeing in detail all the features offered by the software through a dedicated page on the official website.

How to download FL Studio 20 for free on Windows and Mac 3

FL Studio 20 news

With the introduction of FL Studio 20, some interesting new features have been introduced compared to previous versions.

We find full support for the macOS system which in the previous version was not fully compatible.

The Arrangement section has been improved and now allows you to build and manage songs in a more intuitive and therefore faster way than previous versions.

The new Toolbar allows you to completely customize the top of the program.

With FL Studio 20 we can finally see the graphic function that shows the waveforms live during the recording.

Now FL Studio 20 is compatible with touch devices and an application for mobile devices such as smartphones has been introduced. The new app was called FL Studio Mobile and through this app we can create projects and then complete them later on the PC.

They are therefore interesting innovations that allow to improve the user experience of the software during the music production.

Download FL Studio 20 for free

FL Studio 20 can be downloaded for free from the official website for Windows and Mac.

To download the software for free after arriving on the official website, click on Download Trial and then select your operating system.

This will download FL Studio 20 for your system. The download will take a few minutes as the installation file weighs almost 1GB.

After the download is complete, you can install FL Studio 20 for free on your computer.

Obviously this is the trial version that will allow you to interface with the software and understand if it is then worth it to purchase the paid version or not.

You can buy a license on the official website by choosing among the various versions the one that best suits your needs.

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