If you are a music producer or DJ you will surely have heard of FL Studio 12, the well-known software for mixing music produced by Image-Line Software.

Driving is very simple and fast so you won’t have to find any difficulty. So let’s not get lost in chatter and let’s start with the guide!

Download and install FL Studio 12 for free

To start as easy to understand you need to download FL Studio 12. To do this we go to the official website and select your operating system (Windows or Mac).

After downloading the installation file, open it and proceed with the installation wizard as follows.

Once the window for the installation procedure is open, click on Next, then on I Agree, choose which users will be able to use this program (I recommend checking All users) and click Next.

In the screen that is presented to you now leave everything as it is since it will allow you to install various add-ons for the program and click again on Next. Now you have to select the folder in which to install the program.

I advise you to leave the one already present and click on Next three times. Finally, to actually start the installation of the program, click on Install.

At the end of the installation, open the program and the free trial will start.

How to download FL Studio 12.3 for Free

With the free trial you will / will not be able to do the following:

  • Save the projects in FL Studio;
  • Saved projects cannot be reopened;
  • Some features that use Save / Load don’t work in the process. For example, “the Clone channel” and the “Save preset as …”;
  • It is possible to export to WAV and MP3;
  • You can use all the additional features and plugins (as in the top Edition: FL Studio + ALL Plugin Bundle);

After having personally tried and tested the potential of this software, you can finally choose whether to buy the Premium version or to stay on the Free version.

There are more than one Premium versions and their current price ranges from € 89 up to € 826 and it’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you want to find out how to download the latest version of FL Studio 20 for free, read our dedicated guide.

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