Dear Tecnogalaxy readers, today we’re going to talk about a very popular topic all over the world, Carding.

Carding is the purchase of online products, mainly technological and expensive, through E-commerce that accept credit cards. All this, of course, may seem like a simple daily operation and, above all, legal.

In reality, Carding represents the use of stolen credit cards, bought illegally on the Dark Web through cryptocurrencies.

On Telegram, for example, there are numerous groups with hundreds of thousands of experienced Carders from all over the world even though, according to statistics, most of them come from countries like Russia and America.

But then, how does Carding work?

Carding: Operation

The Carder, first and foremost, must obtain credit cards. To do this, there are two distinct and separate ways: the first is to buy the cards through the Dark Web, while the other is to steal the data from the ATMs through special scanners and micro cameras.

Once all the credit card data has been obtained, the Carder will have the task of cleaning out the bank account by sending all the money to a secondary account, possibly a fictitious one.

Once stolen, the money must be spent as soon as possible. In most cases, funds stolen via Carding are used to buy cryptocurrencies, as they are more complicated for the average user to trace.

Inexperienced Carders, of course, are short-lived, as they have to be careful not to leave any traces online and offline. The slightest mistake, in fact, could cost them very dearly. By the way, although scamming online may seem easier, making people lose their tracks can be very complicated.

The most experienced carders use VPN connections and bank accounts in the name of nominees. Moreover, they never go in person to collect the goods, but delegate other people to whom they offer a fee or a percentage.

Among other things, to make Carding, many malicious people use Apple devices, since they are equipped with blocking and data formatting systems very efficient and, therefore, more difficult to unlock by the police. For example, after 10 times you get the password wrong, the device is rendered unusable.

What accounts do the Carders use?

Carder scams do not happen only on bank accounts, but also on Paypal accounts. There are, in fact, some Russian sites that sell access to Paypal accounts of people who have been victims of Hacking or Phishing.

On Telegram, on the other hand, there are channels where alleged Carders sell “incredible” methods involving the use of credit cards. However, the truth is that most of them are fake Carders who in turn scam other people. An example ad might be:


Also on Telegram, there are Telegram channels where technology products are sold at reduced prices, with ”price mistakes” or with really high discounts.

These products, in turn, are bought with stolen credit cards via Carding. So, they are sold by Carders to clear the stolen money by selling designer products at very low prices.

Fortunately, in Italy Carding is not very widespread, even if in the last months credit card frauds have increased exponentially. This is due to the inefficiency of law enforcement agencies, which have great difficulty in detecting this type of fraudsters.

Unlike America and Russia where these crimes are heavily condemned up to 20/30 years in prison, in Italy the laws are less harsh, so many people are driven to migrate to our country and do this type of activity.

How much money do you make doing this ILLEGAL activity?

Obviously it is impossible to know with certainty the earnings of these scammers, but we can make an estimate taking into account the various testimonials online.

On average, a Carder expert and with a lot of knowledge, can earn even 1000/2000€ per day. This makes us understand why many people undertake this illegal activity, but is the “game” really worth the candle?

Obviously not. As you will have well understood, Carding is illegal, and it is also very risky, because just a little carelessness is enough to be immediately tracked down and arrested.

Of course, everything that has been reported in this article is for informational purposes only, and is in no way intended to promote this activity, as it is illegal worldwide. Knowing the mechanism, however, could save you from various scams, especially if you are not tech savvy.

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