Good morning, dear Tecnogalaxy readers. Today, we will talk about the BeReal notification time.

Once a day at a random hour, the BeReal application sends a notification to all its users simultaneously, saying: “It’s BeReal time.” Receiving this notification means that the two-minute time window begins, during which users can post their photos on the app.

There are rules for using the BeReal social media: you can only post once a day, and if you don’t, you won’t be able to see the posts of your friends or other users as they will be hidden from you. You can’t use your phone’s gallery to post your BeReal, and you can only use the phone’s camera to take photos without filters or edits.

Considering the rules mentioned above, finding out the BeReal notification time is a question everyone wants to know the answer to.

At what time does the BeReal notification arrive?

BeReal sends daily notifications to inform users that it’s time to post. No one knows the BeReal notification time in advance because it varies every day and is chosen randomly. The only way to manage the timing of receiving these notifications is to select the correct BeReal time zone interval.

Is the BeReal timing random?

Yes, the BeReal posting time is chosen randomly and cannot be determined in advance. This is how the application serves its core concept. Therefore, we have to say that predicting the BeReal time cannot work.

How often does the BeReal notification arrive?

BeReal sends the notification once a day. Whether or not you post your daily dose of BeReal is up to you. The precise and quick answer to questions about BeReal notification times is:

  • BeReal notifications are sent once a day since you can post only one photo per day.
  • BeReal times are chosen randomly every day.
  • No one knows and can predict the time of the BeReal app for each day in advance.
  • BeReal notifications are sent simultaneously to all users in each BeReal time zone.
  • To ensure you receive BeReal notifications during the day, you can set BeReal to your time zone.

What time is BeReal today?

No one knows when BeReal notifications are sent in advance every day, and what we declare as today’s BeReal time is the time of the notification for users in those time zones who have already received it.

There is no BeReal Time Prediction or BeReal Time Predictor tool. Anyone claiming to know the time in advance is not telling the truth.

Today’s BeReal time in Europe

BeReal time in Europe is typically between waking hours from 09:00 to 23:59 each day.

How does BEREAL work with time zones?

To ensure sending notifications to users when they are not already sleeping, BeReal has defined time zones to handle this issue.

Users in each BeReal time zone receive BeReal notifications simultaneously during the day. BeReal’s notification sending times for each BeReal time zone are randomly selected every day so that users cannot predict and act in advance.

After all, sharing the real-life experiences of users is the central concept of the BeReal social media application, and to remain true to this central concept, BeReal must keep the daily notification times a secret.

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