Good morning dear readers of Tecnogalaxy, today we will talk about Apple that could give the opportunity to use third-party stores.

In response to regulations in the European Union, Apple is reportedly working on major changes to the operation of iOS and the App Store. The company is also considering allowing alternative app stores on its devices.


Now developer Riley Testut, who created AltStore, shared his thoughts on whether iOS has official support for third-party app stores.

For the uninitiated, AltStore is an alternative app store for iOS that can be installed without jailbreak using some developer tools. If Apple will eventually allow third-party app stores for iOS, users would be able to install AltStore on their iPhones and iPads without changes or system tricks.

But how does Testut see this situation? Well, despite having created the AltStore, the developer believes that opening iOS to any alternative to the App Store could be harmful for users. And here’s why: Alternative app stores may “endanger” the user experience.

According to Testut, the App Store “plays a significant role” in ensuring the integrity and security of iOS, since every available app must follow Apple’s guidelines and go through a review process. The developer describes the App Store as “a single place that users trust” despite also stating that it has “flaws”.

The developer believes that having alternative app stores on iOS would likely “interrupt” the entire experience for both users and developers. In addition to security issues, there is also the fact that App Store developers don’t have to worry about payment and distribution.

Testut also thinks that some large companies, such as Meta, may want to create their own store to avoid the App Store guidelines. This would force users to have multiple app stores installed on their devices to find all the apps they need. At the same time, these companies could also pay other developers to migrate their apps from the official App Store to theirs.

For Testut, forcing users to transfer apps using a Mac would reduce the number of companies interested in deploying apps outside the App Store, while developers like him could distribute their designs to users without too much trouble.

In this scenario, there are few incentives for successful apps to leave the App Store: the app sideload process would discourage the less tech savvy, reducing their potential user base.


For now, any hypothesis about how Apple will open iOS to third-party app stores is purely speculative, since we are still talking about a rumor.

Although Testut has some strong points about how important the App Store is for the security of iOS and its users, Allowing alternative app stores or even sideloading directly on iPhone and iPad probably wouldn’t change much for the vast majority of users.

Take a look at how Android works. There you can have alternative app stores and you can install apps from other sources. However, all big players have their apps available on the Google Play Store. Because most users have no idea what the sideload is and the first place they go to download a new app is still the Play Store.

If something like this happens with iOS, the Apple App Store will still be where most users (and developers) trust to download and distribute their apps. And even Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t be crazy enough to pick up his apps from one of the most lucrative online stores in the world.

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