In this article we will see the features of the new smartphone released by Apple, the long-awaited iPhone SE 2020.

As always, Apple is able to satisfy its customers thanks to the increasingly advanced features built into new devices. As you know, however, since the last generations that Apple has released, there have been discussions regarding the differences between the various models.

In particular, there is much discussion about the exterior, which even on the new iPhone SE 2020 we find repetitive but at the same time comfortable.

Having said that, let’s look at the technical specification.

Apple iPhone SE 2020 review and technical specification 1

Technical specification iPhone SE 2020

Before we begin, we can make a great distinction between the latest iPhone released and the iPhone SE 2020. In fact, compared to others, the iPhone SE 2020 belongs to a lower price range.

Making an aesthetic comparison we can compare it to the iPhone 8.


Starting with the display, we can see that it is identical to the iPhone 8. In fact, we find 4.7″ with a resolution of 750×1334 pixels.

Being a smaller display than its predecessors, it is more difficult to read and play, but of course it is more comfortable to hold it and use it with one hand.


As far as the camera is concerned, we find the same features as the iPhone 8. We have an external 12 MP camera and an internal 7 MP camera.

Unfortunately we will not have high quality photos as we are used to having with the latest iPhones released, but we can still capture fairly clean images and high quality videos in 4K 60fps.


Even the battery has the same characteristics as that of the iPhone 8. We can get to the end of the day quietly with about 5/6h of active screen.

We find an 1810 mAh battery that supports wireless charging and also fast charging.


For the unlocking, Apple decided to stay with the same features as the previous version (iPhone SE) inserting the Touch ID leaving behind the unlocking with Face ID now available on almost all smartphones.

Processor and Memory

Inside the new iPhone SE 2020 we find the A13 Bionic processor also present on the latest iPhone released (iPhone 11 and 11 Pro).

As for RAM we find 3GB with 64/128/256 GB memory.


iPhone SE 2020 is available in three different colors: White, Black and Red.

Apple iPhone SE 2020 review and technical specification 3

Price iPhone SE 2020

As I said earlier, Apple has launched this iPhone SE 2020 that has features inferior to the latest iPhones just to give the chance to those who can not spend much but at the same time want to have an iPhone that allows you to do a little bit of everything.

Having said that, let’s look at the prices based on memory cuts:

  • 64GB: $399;
  • 128GB: $449;
  • 256GB: $549;

To buy it on the official Apple website just click on this link, while to buy it on Amazon just click on this link.

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